MavenHive: Solving Technical Challenges and HR Deadlocks

Date:   Friday , November 21, 2014

\"Treat employees like they make a difference and they will,\" so says Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. Creating a sense of achievement in employees becomes very imperative for a company\'s overall growth. However, enterprises in the quest to stay ahead of the pack often disregard the real ambassadors of the company, their people. As the gap between performance and compensa-tion continues to widen, there is a necessity of a direct metrical model which recognizes em-ployees\' contribution, augmenting their motivation level, while also enabling them to grow per-sonally and professionally. This disconnect made two tech entrepreneurs - Bhavin Javia & Anandha Krishnan - join the hands and bootstrap MavenHive Technologies, which now stands uniquely with its one of a kind operation model that connects the dots between employees\' con-tribution to the company and their compensation.

Money and recognition play a very imperative role in an employee\'s professional life. But do today\'s employees get what they deserve? The answer, usually, is no. This is where the founders position MavenHive with an endeavor to go beyond the fixed salary strategy and connect the billing & earning.

A reliable partner for Startups and SMEs

As a software consulting firm, this 2012 born company headquartered at Bangalore, MavenHive involves itself in software product development that utilizes leading technologies and platforms like Ruby, Rails, JS, Mobile and Cloud Computing, thus offering well-designed and high quality solutions to its clients. With its main focus on startups & SMEs, the firm works closely with the client\'s management and product team. MavenHive owns the technical implementation and deli-very of their product ideas with an amalgam of technical expertise, project management skills and relevant technologies. As their technical partner, MavenHive assists companies right from the ideation stage to production and beyond.

Creating an Employee-Friendly Organization

True leaders don\'t create followers, they create more leaders. Practicing the same ethos, Maven-Hive has created a work environment which emboldens its crews to try, fail, learn and achieve their full potential without any artificial constraints. In addition to its proportionate rewarding system, the organization also moulds and intensifies each person\'s potential. \"Our compensation is directly proportional to individual billing irrespective of whether it is a founder and or a fresh-er. All efforts are a result of what people want and not because the Company requires them to do it. We believe the people we hire, are adults who are capable of taking sound decisions. Thus, the teams do not report to anyone, rather they come up with their own ideas and execute them,\" avows Bhavin Javia, Founder, MavenHive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Future Road Map

\"Growth is like innovation; you don\'t plan for it, it just happens,\" explains Bhavin. Living up to this view, MavenHive has been expediting growth by focusing on its clients\' and people\'s needs. \"As founders we do not have any growth aspirations for MavenHive. It is our people\'s aspiration of growth that is driving the company today. We are striving to create a culture which makes this happen. We have grown from 2 to 12 people team and 7 satisfied clients in our first 2.5 years. We\'re happy with what we have achieved and will continue looking at growth from that perspec-tive,\" concludes Bhavin.



1)Software Consulting
2)Product Development

Key Management:

1)Bhavin Javia, Founder & Director

Bhavin is a technology entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in designing, develop-ing, testing and deployment of business critical applications. Prior to founding MavenHive, he has worked as a senior consultant with ThoughtWorks and as an independent consultant.

2)Anandha Krishnan, Co-Founder & Director

Anandha is a technology entrepreneur who has bagged over ten years of experience in creat-ing large-scale distributed object applications and the integration of disparate systems. Prior to founding MavenHive, he has also worked as a senior consultant and trainer within ThoughtWorks and as an independent consultant.


Flipkart, Grasshopper, Ashoka, The Arc of the United States

Office: Bangalore

CEO Speak:

If you\'re building an organization, invest in your people. Don\'t obsess about growth just for the sake of growing. Growth is not a direct result of your actions. It is a positive \'side effect\' of happy employees and satisfied customers!