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Qspear: A Unique Platform for IT Enabled Business

Rashmisree Deb
Friday, December 5, 2014
Rashmisree Deb
Businesses are working hard to pick up the pace with dynamic market conditions and new customers' expectations, but the biggest challenge bothering the CIOs and IT managers today are not same as yesteryears. Is it changing market landscape? Is it the evolution of Cloud, Mobility, Social or Analytics? Or is it improving customer services while cutting down the IT cost? Well! It could be one of them or all of them. Thus, to build a healthy business, every enterprise looks for trusted enterprise IT solutions that are built around industry best practices and trusted technology partners who have the dexterity of taking your business to new heights. If your organization is for a hunt to find world-class enterprise IT solutions, then Qspear Consultancy Services may bring an end to your exploration. Founded in 2012 in Noida, the company has emerged as a distinguished Oracle Gold Partner, delivering key enterprise solutions such as ERP, BI, Fusion Middleware for Business process Management and Integration Services, Project Management Solution like Primavera and CRM. Qspear has also helped businesses build their E-commerce portfolio from scratch in both services and product segment.

With a mission to become world class IT solutions company, Qspear provides consulting services for the implementation of enterprise application and technology solutions to help organizations automate and optimize business processes to deliver cost savings and boost productivity, competitiveness and efficiency. Qspear specializes on Oracle's premier products and technical services and is uniquely positioned in the space to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions from midsized to large sized corporates. In addition, Qspear also does custom development on either open source like PHP or software available on open source or Java. Backed by a team of top-notch experienced professionals, Qspear has delivered more than 50 projects globally since its existence, including one of the first implementations of Fusion CRM in India. Thus, Qspear has left its footprints in the space providing every need that organization might have on their application prospect.

True Secret Success Recipe

The key factor behind the success of any large organization is the quality service they maintain with their customers. This not only helps them to acquire new customers but also retain them and get repeat business. Thus, Qspear followed the same success recipe and started emphasizing on quality service rather than quantity. "Today, I feel proud to say that almost 80-90 percent of our customers have given us repeat business. They are happy with the quality of service that we provide them. This helped us in building rapport with big customers such as Uflex, National Textile Corporation Ltd., OSG Shipment, Spectrami and many more," says Tumul Maheshwari, CEO, Qspear Consultancy Services. In a nutshell, Qspear is more agile in terms of understanding the project requirements, responding to the challenges coming in the project and delivering quality services. Thus, Qspear focuses in putting right set of solutions with right set of people to deliver value in all its customer engagements.

The Initial Hiccups

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