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dragonRAD: Multi-Channel Engagement Platform that Enhances Functional Capabilities

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Today's oligopoly abound market is not only being inundated with newer versions of legendary operating systems like Android, Blackberry and iOS, but also replete with alternative operating systems like TIZEN and Bada. Enterprises are bewildered with the advent of telecommuting and BYOD phenomena, since it is impossible for an enterprise to tie its applications to a single OS or device anymore. To avoid the exhaustion of revamping the entire development with every upgrade, Cnonymn initiated the development of dragonRAD plus the next generation cross-platform mobile application development tool for building, deploying, managing and securing mobile enterprise applications in collaboration with Seregon Solutions Inc, Canada.

Amidst the traditional software development companies that just add mobility as another form factor, Cnonymn stands apart with the sheer focus in the entire mobile spectrum; thus unravelling the utmost efficiency and bringing tremendous value. Cnonymn goes that extra mile to drill down till atomic level and develop industry-specific, domain-centric and business process focused products. But all happened by accident as building product was never a plan for Cnonymn. "Being a product company was a success by accident, because our first client requirement was for building mobile CRM within 6 months, which we successfully developed in just 4 months," says Krishna M Chandrala, Co-Founder, Cnonymn.

Bringing Ideology Alive

Cnonymn was seeking a product that would compliment their ideology of empowering functional specialists to develop applications in enterprise space by leveraging a multi-channel engagement platform with enhanced functional capabilities that would require minimal technical knowhow. During their endeavour to partner with kindred technology partners Cnonymn evaluated various platforms and found Seregon was the best fit for them as they stood out with powerful capabilities and competitive edge; akin to the tool's capability to be integrated with any kind of database in the back end.

In a very short while, Seregon was impressed with Cnonymn's ideology and offered them technology partnership which later evolved into a 3 year Centre of Excellence contract. When ebullient Cnonymn further identified ways to bridge a few short comes in dragonRAD, Seregon extended them an offer to develop the next version of the tool on a joint IP basis. Boosted with the tons of positive feedbacks dragonRAD plus Android version got from 70 enterprises across the globe, Cnonymn is currently fast tracking the development of Blackberry version.

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1:Mobility has always been a separate topic for IT professionals, but it is now influencing mainstream strategies and tactics in the wider areas of technology enablement and enterprise architectures.

Congratulations to the Team of \"Cnonymn\".
Posted by: Kalyan krishna Koushik CH - 27th Nov 2014
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