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AllizHealth - Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry with Exceptional Approach

Anupama Desai
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Anupama Desai
As per recent studies, the economic burden of lifestyle diseases for India will be close to $ 6.2 trillion for the period 2012-30, a figure that is equivalent to nearly nine times the total health expenditure during the previous 19 years of $710 billion. Fortunately, the onset of such medical conditions can not only be delayed, but, even reversed, by timely and proactive health interventions. However, due to lack of user engagement, data scattered across multiple platforms and limited analysis, the transition from curative to preventive care is extremely slow.

Realizing this as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference, Chinmoy Mishra started AllizHealth, a healthcare technology company, formed with the aim to empower individuals to have better control of their health.

"It all started when one of my relatives misplaced her medical files during the process of relocating. This is what led to the inception of my healthcare startup AllizHealth," says Chinmoy Mishra, Co-Founder, AllizHealth. Incorporated in 2012,this Pune based company is building a health platform for efficient capture, storage and analysis of health information. "Healthcare sector in India is a complex challenge but a sunshine sectorwith immense prospects. By leveraging technology to identify users health risks and then helping them with personalized plan to mitigate such risks is a fascinating aspect," adds Chinmoy.

With a remarkable experience of working with prestigious organizations in healthcare industry, Chinmoy has taken a plunge into the segment that looks at making healthcare more personalized. The company is using its wellness platform to come up with predictive and preventive care interventions at individual, family and community levels. Its business case goes beyond identifying user health risks and includes personalized treatment options, recommendations and regular follow-ups to close the loop on user participation, health data collection, analysis and providing care interventions.

AllizHealth's proprietary solutions such as Health Risk Assessment, Personal Health Records and analytic dashboard would help in effective capture, tracking and analysis of health data. Users can use the same to figure their areas of health risks, track various parameters, store health documents and connect with specialists. Authorities (Schools/Corporates/Insurance Providers/Hospitals) can use this platform to view overall health trends and issues, design effective wellness and diseases management programs and measure efficacy of such initiatives.

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