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Date:   Sunday , November 23, 2014

As per recent studies, the economic burden of lifestyle diseases for India will be close to $ 6.2 trillion for the period 2012-30, a figure that is equivalent to nearly nine times the total health expenditure during the previous 19 years of $710 billion. Fortunately, the onset of such medical conditions can not only be delayed, but, even reversed, by timely and proactive health interventions. However, due to lack of user engagement, data scattered across multiple platforms and limited analysis, the transition from curative to preventive care is extremely slow.

Realizing this as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference, Chinmoy Mishra started AllizHealth, a healthcare technology company, formed with the aim to empower individuals to have better control of their health.

\"It all started when one of my relatives misplaced her medical files during the process of relocating. This is what led to the inception of my healthcare startup AllizHealth,\" says Chinmoy Mishra, Co-Founder, AllizHealth. Incorporated in 2012,this Pune based company is building a health platform for efficient capture, storage and analysis of health information. \"Healthcare sector in India is a complex challenge but a sunshine sectorwith immense prospects. By leveraging technology to identify users health risks and then helping them with personalized plan to mitigate such risks is a fascinating aspect,\" adds Chinmoy.

With a remarkable experience of working with prestigious organizations in healthcare industry, Chinmoy has taken a plunge into the segment that looks at making healthcare more personalized. The company is using its wellness platform to come up with predictive and preventive care interventions at individual, family and community levels. Its business case goes beyond identifying user health risks and includes personalized treatment options, recommendations and regular follow-ups to close the loop on user participation, health data collection, analysis and providing care interventions.

AllizHealth\'s proprietary solutions such as Health Risk Assessment, Personal Health Records and analytic dashboard would help in effective capture, tracking and analysis of health data. Users can use the same to figure their areas of health risks, track various parameters, store health documents and connect with specialists. Authorities (Schools/Corporates/Insurance Providers/Hospitals) can use this platform to view overall health trends and issues, design effective wellness and diseases management programs and measure efficacy of such initiatives.

In order to get users on the platform, AllizHealth works on two unique programs. Under its School health program, it works with pre and K-12 schools and takes care of student health assessments. Post assessment, it digitizes such data and provides parents an access to its platform. Parents can then use the same to not only store child\'s health data but access various other valued added services such as growth trackers, vaccination reminders and nutritional assessments.

As part of its corporate wellness program, it works with corporates to identify individual employee\'s health risks better, provide a personalized care plan and then solutions to better manage their health. On the corporate side, the platform helps them with existing trends and an ability to track the efficacy of such initiatives.

AllizHealth is also currently working on an impressive set of mobile health applications that would sit on top of its\' wellness platform and complement the offerings.Relying on B2B model,company has earned many eminent clientele from different segments such as education, insurance, healthcare groups and different corporate organizations because of its approach concerning strategy and product to make it simple, intuitive and efficient.

However, the journey has not been as simple as it sounds. Despite of extensive experience held by Chinmoy in the area of healthcare and his team\'s expertise in execution of technology, AllizHealth faced initial challenges with the actual development of the product. Outsourcing proved futile, and then the duo decided to establish their own in-house team. This is when things came on track and garnered huge success for the company in a short span of time.

But the biggest challenge is in encouraging healthcare mainstream groups to extensively use technology for their wellness offerings. The groups involved in preventive care services, often stop at just identifying the health issues.Convincing them to think beyond such a model and engage the user to be more proactive in managing his/her health is tough to achieve. As preventive care is still a relatively new concept in India, this also proves to be a tough hurdle.

Path to be conquered

With a rising success, AllizHealth is expanding its team and setting its sales office in Delhi and Bangalore.With the help of current partners, company is expecting to establish itself as one of the major players in Tier 1 domain (white collar) of corporate organizations in healthcare segment. It aims to provide its expertise for other shop floor (blue collar) employees of various industries as a next step.

It is also looking forward to Tier II cities in India as well as neighboring region of Sri Lanka, and South East Asia for further escalation. With a hard work, support of excellent team and renowned board of advisors AllizHealth is on the path of roaring success.


OfficesPune, Bangalore

Key Management

a) Chinmoy Mishra - Founder & CEO:13+ years of healthcare exp., B.E Comp Sc. - NIT Rourkela, MBA - Babson College, Boston.

b) Gaurav Vij - Co-Founder and CTO: 12 + years of exp. in Software Planning, Architecture Design & development, B.E in Information technology.

c) Dhairya Gupta - Director, Sales & Marketing:12+ yrs. exp. in consulting/ sales, Exp. in operating SME, MBA - Babson College, Boston. Class of \'08..

Awards & Recognition

1. Part of NASSCOM\'s 10,000 startups initiative
2. Semi-Finalist at Wharton India Economic Forum start-up competition (2013)
3. Selected by VC Circle among top 10 start-up ventures in healthcare for 2013


1. Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
2. Personal Health Records (PHR)
3. Analytics Dashboard


1. School Health Program
2. Corporate Wellness Program

CEO Speak:

At AllizHealth, our talented and dedicated team is building a platform to help in the transition from curative to preventive care. This, we believe, will enable us to address some of the key challenges faced by the Indian healthcare system.

The journey over the past year and half has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride, and, yet immensely satisfying and humbling. We have lived through the highs of signing up with some eminent groups and the lows of narrowly missing out on few others. But, today, as we look back, we are extremely proud of where we are; that we are managing to create value through our innovations and seeing them to fruition.

The road ahead is challenging, but, we are determined to keep going, touch people\'s lives and make a difference through our initiatives.