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Professional WALLZ: Redefining Rules & Setting New Benchmarks for Home Painting Service Industry

Rashmisree Deb
Friday, December 5, 2014
Rashmisree Deb
Unlike old days when home painting was once in a year routine, today it has become an activity of self-expression; whether it is occasion of moving into newly bought home, cultural events, family celebrations, or a very basic post rainy season activity, we always look towards getting our home painted. The biggest irony even after this activity being considered essential part of our life is, though we want to get our home painted, we feel uncomfortable when it comes to actually starting this activity. Unlike many other home decoration activities, home painting service has still not evolved much. The paint job, as on today, is predominantly being executed without any set standard operating procedures by local painters & contractors. The set of services provided by them lack professional approach, trust, reliability, skill set, and more. There are few organized professional painting service providers; but being paint manufacturers, they face limitation of offering only their set of brands & products, and the application is routed through local painters/contractors only. This presents a huge scope of innovation & standardization in this home painting service industry.

With an objective to offer complete hassle-free painting experience to each and every customer and to stand out of the crowd, Professional WALLZ was incepted in the year 2014. "If you are wondering how we coined professional WALLZ as the name of our company, we would like to break it down for you! We took our first step with an objective to offer wall painting services with an essence of professionally managed job, confluence of professional and walls came out as Professional WALLZ," says Sunil Choudhary, Founder. At present, Professional WALLZ offer all varieties of textures, special effects, signature finishes, wall stencils & plain finishes required for decoration of home. Offering the plethora of options, it helps the customers to make the right choice for decoration of their home.

The concept of Professional WALLZ came into existence when Sunil decided to have his newly bought home painted with finest material, elegant colors and perfect application of paint. Even though he was working for a leading paint company at that time, he thought of exploring other paint brands also. Surprisingly, the organized service providers, mainly being represented by paint manufacturers, were pitching for their own brands very hard, and there was a big disparity in service cost for brands having same features, functionalities and falling in the same category. When all the products of a company cannot be the best in the market, Sunil thought to have gamut of most promising products that are manufactured by different companies, introducing them in the market with standard operating procedures and powered by excellence in service delivery.

It's not a rosy path for any entrepreneur to start their own company. Sunil faced the initial road blocks such as generating leads, understanding customer needs, taking measurements for paintable areas, offering color consultancy, supervising sites, and creating happy customers by handing over sites as per customer expectations. But, today, Professional WALLZ has significantly big team with a pool of talented & experienced people from different industries working for common goal of organizing this extremely unorganized sector and adding colors to people's life, and thus creating a base of delighted customers.

Recognized as multi-brand paint service provider, Professional WALLZ is freely using paint products of any company of the customer's choice. This helps the company to offer better choice of products when compared to the service providers offering only single company products. "We are not associated with a single brand, and thus enjoy benefit of offering the most suitable paint material as per customer requirements; the paint application is done by our team trained not only in painting process but also on behavioral aspects & grooming standards. Our offering is very transparent, and offers flexibility of choosing the best products within the set budget, that makes our service a value for money offering for our customers," adds Sunil.

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