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ICAN BPO: Dominating the SME BPO Realm with Specialized Strategy

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Dashboard management that focuses on just the noticeable software parameters might be passable for large corporations with unlimited resources. However, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who allocate every resource cautiously with a laser like focus on ROI, need a more specialized approach.

ICAN BPO is a full service solutions provider, focused on the SME segment primarily in North America and Western Europe. ICAN leverages its proprietary ICARE approach and hand holds its clients through the entire life cycle of customer acquisition, engagement and retention. ICAN's superior de-risked execution model, extensive use of technology and proprietary customer behavior predictive algorithms are leveraged into a powerful ROI enhancing formula for its clients.

The company truly lives by its mission of "Enabling Success" for its clients. This has empowered ICAN to become a dominant player in the SME segment in a short span of six years. "Our unique processes and globally acclaimed transition management tools ensure that our clients never need to come out of their comfort zone and yet achieve their business goals and financial objectives," says Jagdish Iyer, President & CEO, ICAN BPO.

Trusted Partner of SMEs

The management team including Jagdish Iyer, Nitin Chacko (MD & SBU Head), Vinod Rao (SVP) and Adarsh Shetty (SVP) know SMEs like the back of their hands. After Adventity Global Services - the company co-founded by Jagdish Iyer - was acquired by Sutherland Global for about $55 million, the trio (Jagdish, Nitin and Vinod) moved out and decided to build a new nimble organization that would cater to SMEs. Adarsh who had worked with Nitin in the past joined the trio to co-found ICAN BPO in early 2009.

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