NDS Global: Out of the League Enterprise Architecture Services spanning Business, Cloud, Mobility & Digital

Date:   Monday , November 24, 2014

Are you looking for a partner with enterprise architectural skills who not just offers integrated approach to organization-wide strategic, business and technology planning but also full lifecycle and consulting services? If yes, then NDS Global is your answer; NDS has been climbing the success ladder since its inception in 1999.

NDS has built a habit to offer high caliber IT enterprise architectural services that were previously available to and afforded by Fortune 500 companies. This right sized and trusted Microsoft Gold Partner with a focus on industry best practices, unified business processes & philosophy of Architect/Integrate/Support delivers successful go-live\'s in optimized timeframes and estimated budgets. NDShas emerged as one of the most preferred partners focused on delivering integrated services for unified business processes including ERP, CRM, Project & Portfolio solutions, Business Intelligence. The company also offers digital solutions including enterprise social, enterprise cloud, analytics on cloud and enterprise mobility solutions. Having earned an extensive experience from working with the finest businesses in variety of industries across the globe, NDS has attained the competency to provide enterprise solutions on Microsoft products; regardless of the customer\'s industry but more so on Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Professional Services, Logistics & Retail.

Thanks to its team of 300+ world class Enterprise IT consultants who provide technical & business expertise to clients, and nearly half a century of aggregated industry experience of the top management team in the U.S. and India that together form a new war chest to eliminate customers\' ordeals. Danny Gaekwad, President-CEO, NDS Global, is a first generation entrepreneur who has over two and a half decade of experience in building successful diversified businesses across Real Estate, Hospitality & IT. Vikram Bharwada, COO, NDS Global, holds over two decades of extensive enterprise IT solutions experience and heads the entire operations to include Sales & Delivery. He is also crowned with designing NDS\' Enterprise Architecture Services mainly for growing mid-sized corporations and wears the hat of a mentor to all the consultants. Together, they make one of the strongest management team in the industry.

On the other hand, each consultant deployed at NDS has an experience ranging between 3-20 years in Technology, Project Management and Enterprise Solution Consulting. The semiformal work culture at NDS elates employees, thus providing space to collaborate and leverage cross team knowledge which adds to customer satisfaction. Unlike other services firms, NDS\' employees enjoy flexible working hours, remote work and work from home that helps company obtain high performance power and spread its wings globally. \"As a group and as a company, our financials are extremely strong to invest into customers\" stories and to be able to train our consultants where they gain skills and expertise on three dimensions: Technology, Industry Solutions and professional & soft skills which give a strategic advantage in serving customers,\" explains Vikram.

Exploring the India Opportunity

The recent slogan given by the newly formed Indian Government � \'Make in India\' � has made the world\'s third-largest economy the preferred destination for FDI and has positioned the country as one of the front-runners of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific Region. This strategy of making India a global manufacturing hub is expected to raise the annual growth of the country between 8-10 percent over the next five years. This strategy has already attracted several foreign companies and the Florida headquartered NDS too put its footprint in India in April this year to delve into the unexplored market potentials and offer its flagship Enterprise Architecture & Cloud Services. Further NDS sees a lot of synergy with the growing Retail & Services businesses in India.

The company has already proved its mettle in U.S. and European markets and with experienced & certified consultants on board, plans to extend those best practices to the businesses in the local Indian market. India acts as an extremely important geography for NDS as it is a very strategic location for HR, R&D and delivery expertise which will help it grow 50 percent year-on-year for next five years. NDS plans to establish its presence for sales and delivery in Gurgaon for servicing North India and in Bangalore to serve South India market. This Indian subsidiary will also be investing into expanding operations in the Middle East and the Far East.

The Predicaments

NDS saw that most of the Indian IT services are delivered in piece meal and fragile basis which are tactical and transactional projects. Thus, it decided to bring an extremely strategic value added and reusable enterprise IT components with industry specific domain expertise in various platforms. These platforms combined with industry knowledge and deep consulting expertise help NDS offer an extremely robust and scalable modern enterprise systems with shorter time cycle to go-to-market rather than building the systems from scratch ground up. \"We build this system using the best enterprise components and enterprise systems available in the market. This automatically brings best practices to the customers in a lot of different functions like Finance, Production Planning, HR, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Customer Servicing, Project Management and Portfolio Management,\" explains Vikram.

NDS has been instrumental in consulting the customers and investing into deciding what their ROI or cost of ownership would be even if they are taking up a certain project and providing them with ROI landscape, TCO. It also provides strategic consulting as to how they should leverage cloud & mobility solutions, and enterprise social solutions and what benefits that would bring about in terms of productivity, customer loyalty and acquisition of new customers. Unlike other vendors who provides run of the mill IT Services and go asking customers as to what kind of work they need, NDS takes the road less travelled. It goes to the clients with proven industry specific technology solutions which it demonstrates and gets delivered to the clients within a time span of 2-6 months depending on the scope and scale of the solution.

The company\'s capabilities to enable client success through executable strategies and deliver value through technology-enabled transformation and achieve end-to-end transformation from strategy to implementation whilst gaining efficiency in cross-functional collaboration will create a value and allow its clients to create a competitive advantage through the optimized alignment of technology.

NDS\' Growth Strategy

NDS is delivering huge benefits in cloud and mobility that will change how its customers compete in the marketplace. Thus, it is geared up to offer ERP, CRM and project management solutions through cloud mainly for SMEs while offering them straight away relevant solutions so that they have the foundation stone for the next level of growth.

NDS has been growing steadily at 70 percent year-on-year for the past three years. With expansion into new geographies, the company is fervent to grow its employee strength each year by 30 percent. While it has plans to grow organically by expanding its offices in South & North India, West Coast of U.S. and Middle East by next year, any inorganic growth through acquisitions is also a preferred route.


NDS\' solutions have carved a niche for themselves within the industry:

Architect-Integrate-Support Lifecycle:

NDS invests into the architecture of the desired system including right technology frame work, integrations, scalability and ROI. The company integrates multiple components and systems to accomplish well integrated unified business processes. NDS has strong, reliable and flexible support models for all Microsoft Enterprise products & solutions.

Architecture and Strategic Consulting Services:

NDS works with its clients as preferred partner for their Enterprise IT needs. It provides with an IT Architect who will lay down the roadmap for the enterprise over the next 3 years along with ROI to be achieved in the time. After laying out the architectural blueprint, NDS brings in its certified technology specific consultants who have worked in similar industry and have multiple implementation experience under their belt to drive the IT initiatives and build a successful enterprise.

Implementation &Adoption Services:

NDS implements MS Dynamics AX solutions for agile, flexible and tightly integrated business operations via scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions that are designed to boost business productivity & profitability. With MS Dynamics CRM, NDS transforms customer experience around interactions that drive more profitable relationships. Using the MS certified Sure Step Methodology; NDS solutions go beyond sales, marketing and service to deliver industry-specific capabilities that result in improved productivity and efficiency.

NDS Enterprise Collaboration services through MS SharePoint improve content sharing and optimizing processes with services for unified communications, social computing, content management, portals and applications. NDS\' Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution offers a flexible, end-to-end PPM platform to automate primary PPM processes. NDS are experts at combining Microsoft data across MS SQL & SharePoint Server and more while turning it into strategic information and actionable insights.

Enterprise Support Services:

NDS offers global, reliable and mature models of support services across the MS solution stack including ERP, CRM, BI, EPM, SharePoint, Azure, Office 365 & Windows platforms for its clients. It brings a dedicated team of support professionals available 8x5/16x5/24x7 who know clients implementation. Also, NDS provides support contracts that are SLA driven which is testament to the flexibility and responsiveness of the team. Apart from industry standard reactive services, NDS also provides pro-active and automation solutions to reduce reactive support incidents.

NDS Enterprise Solution Stack:

1. ERP & CRM with Microsoft Dynamics:
Using Microsoft Dynamics AX& industry-specific best practices, NDS can implement enterprise resource planning solutions for agile, flexible and tightly integrated business operations that are cost-effective and designed to boost business productivity and profitability.

It bring clients\' customers, partners and business together with technology like Microsoft Dynamics CRM that transforms the customer experience around interactions that drive more profitable relationships.

2. Collaboration& Content Management with SharePoint& Unified Communication Tools:
Using Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Lync Online or Lync Server, SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server and Yammer, NDS\' Enterprise Collaboration services transform how client\'s business work together by connecting people, improving content sharing and optimizing processes with services for unified communications, social computing, content management, portals and applications.

3. Project & Portfolio Management through Microsoft Project & Portfolio Server:
NDS\'PPM Solution offers a flexible, end-to-end PPM platform which can be used by businesses to automate primary PPM processes. NDS with its team of IT Enterprise Architects can develop a road map for a successful PPM solution for its customers.

4. Business Intelligence through Microsoft BI stack:
Whether it\'s organizing data, creating governance and strategy, data warehousing, or applying industry, mobile or predictive analytics, NDS is the experts at combining client\'s Microsoft data across Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and more & turning it into strategic information and actionable insights.

NDS Cloud & Hybrid Solutions:

NDS provides deployment and migration services to maintain and actively develop data integration through the devices located across different locations for the latest MS cloud solutions including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Windows Azure, Hybrid Cloud, Office 365&Windows Intune.

Productivity Solutions:

1. Enterprise Mobility:
NDS delivers enterprise mobility services through mobile devices which different business operations can be synchronized directly through mobile handsets.
2. Enterprise Social:
NDS provides integrated business applications laid into shared platforms that engage with each other though effective information ports across the web through Office 365, SharePoint Online, Project Online and Lync Online.

Microsoft Core Systems

NDS can improve its client\'s ability to be more agile, manage complexity, and provide more secure, controlled access to information. This allows IT tothen focus on strategic initiatives to help maximize future opportunities for business through productivity systems such as Exchange, Windows Server, Hyper V& VMware.