December-2014  - Special issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
With the recession and related job cuts mostly behind us and the market coming out of the black days of economic turmoil, more and more industries have finally started to open up for expansion. more>>

In My Opinion

By Mr. Ram Reddy, CEO & Chairman, Moschip
Since the evolution of Mobile, data analytics, Social Media and Cloud, the situation has become real dry when it comes to... more>>

Top 25 Legal Consultants of the Year - 2014

SI Team
Top 25 Legal Consultants of Year - 2014 more>>
Susila Govindaraj
Tackling the challenges and unfurling the potential opportunities in such evolved space requires a pure genius, who is not only... more>>
Anamika Sahu
Multi-speciality services firm is a buzz word in the law industry. But to be the master, one needs to be like Arjuna - the... more>>
Susila Govindaraj
The constructively contrarian firm glimmers at the top as'North Star' and a bench mark? firm for its research, innovations,... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Patents are legal instruments used for protecting technological innovation, and not surprisingly, tend to get legally or... more>>
Kavitha G.
Although enterprises are increasing their awareness of legal and compliance challenges, optimizing risk-value tradeoffs is... more>>
Kavitha G.
With the significance of Intellectual Property (IP) gaining more momentum, the role of law firms has also substantially moved... more>>
Rashmisree Deb
Legal consultancy is a vast and complicated sector with IP (Intellectual Property) as a recent added phenomenon in India. more>>
Susila Govindaraj
Determined to seize the skyrocketing outbound investment opportunities, the firm is dealing with several international tie-ups... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
The global business sentiments around India are on a positive rise and the country has turned into a magnet attracting... more>>
Rashmisree Deb - Assitant Editor, siliconindia
Legal profession in India is the world's 2nd largest profession with approximately more than six lakh lawyers practicing in... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
Moving towards an era when India is talking business, there is no better time than now for entrepreneurs to take up new... more>>
Susila Govindaraj
Typically, law firms take a while to respond whenever a client seeks an opinion, primarily because the query goes through an... more>>
Laishram Neviya
Customer is the 'King pin' of the market today. Businesses around the globe are making every endeavor to park their brands... more>>
Rashmisree Deb
IP rights in the form of 'Patents' have turned up as a crucial area of business competence and securing IP is fast becoming a... more>>
Pankaj Kundwani
'Go Global' is the mantra that many business organizations bank on these days. While the walls dividing countries are... more>>
Susila Govindaraj
Organizations are often burdened with a humungous 20-50 percent of attorney markup cost by law firms that typically have... more>>
Susila Govindaraj
Most budding entrepreneurs are under the wrong impression that incorporating their company would protect their IPR while few... more>>
Kavitha G.
The rapidly changing economic and industrial scenarios have led the legal industry to annex more impetus over the years. Along... more>>

CIO Insights

VC Gopalratnam, CIO, Cisco Systems Inc
Cisco Systems Inc, (NASDAQ:CSCO), headquartered in San Jose, California provides hardware, software and service offerings, to... more>>
Alex Choy, EVP, Research and Development, & CIO, Emdeon Inc
Emdeon Inc (NYSE:EM), headquartered at Nashville, TN, is a provider of revenue and payment cycle management and clinical... more>>

CXO View Point

By Deepak Shetty, Chief Marketing Officer , Moser Baer India Limited
>Headquartered in New Delhi, Moser Baer (BSE: 517140, NSE: MOSERBAER) is a global tech-manufacturing company established in... more>>
Alagu Periyannan - CTO, Blue Jeans Network
Blue Jeans Network maintains a cloud-based video collaboration service that enables video conferencing using practically any... more>>


Anamika Sahu
It is no rocket science that globalization has brought a bigger subject to limelight ? International Law. While this has... more>>
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