SanDisk: Safeguarding Quintessential Products under their Wings with Vertical Integration Strategy

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Most organizations typically take the shortcut of horizontal integration, which often leads the production to go awry due to the lack of control. But, SanDisk (NASDAQ: SNDK) assures customers as a reliable partner with their end-to-end vertical integration, whereby the company takes complete responsibility throughout the product's lifecycle from designing, manufacturing, assembling, firmware installation to massive distribution. This vertical integration business model is the exhibit A for SanDisk's willingness to go to the world's end to bestow customers with quintessential products that are safeguarded under their wings. It also enables the company to drive well-optimized performance, endurance and cost-efficiency while leveraging SanDisk's intellectual property to deliver the highest performing, well-optimized and fine-tuned flash storage solution to customers.

If Not Now. Then When?
The Silicon Valley headquartered company that celebrated its silver jubilee last year was founded by the non-volatile memory technology experts Dr. Eli Harari, Jack Yuan - former SVP and Sanjay Mehrotra. Dr. Harari, former CEO & the visionary brought alive the flash memory technology by founding the EEPROM that ascertained the practicality of semiconductor-based data storage. SanDisk was born with the revolutionizing idea of transforming flash technology into commercial products & solutions for emerging consumer electronics world. It paved the way to various inventions akin to digital cameras and music players. In 2011, Dr. Harari handed over the reins to Sanjay Mehrotra, Co-Founder, the former President & COO of SanDisk. Having over 70 patents, Sanjay further brought forth new growth strategies for various emerging markets and expanded SanDisk’s focus to include SSD solutions.

Today, SanDisk is an indomitable force that incessantly proffers numerous ground-breaking products that are ideal to the four mega markets they cater namely mobile & connected devices, client computing, enterprise & hyper scale data centers and consumer market. Having almost 5000 patents and setting their footprint across 55 countries further fortified the company. With ‘If not now, then when?’ attitude, SanDisk leverage such strengths to keep itself way ahead of the market. This escalated the company that was built from scratch to attain $6.13 billion dollars revenue in the four last reported quarters and survive massive recessions. "As a company that invented flash technology and many of the subsequent products, we take pride in the fact that we are always at the forefront in bringing newer designs and technologies to the market place," says Rajesh Gupta, Country Manager, SanDisk India.

Strengthening the Patent Portfolio
The company is confident that India’s partaking in sales, operations, R&D and administration is pivotal to SanDisk. Hence, SanDisk has handpicked a proficient marketing team to cover the huge consumer market of India. In SanDisk’ Bangalore development centre, almost 450 engineers are constantly innovating for the betterment of removable storage devices and also majorly contributing to software development.

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