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CtrlS: The Young & Enthusiast Leader in Providing Futuristic Data Center

Anamika Sahu
Monday, July 28, 2014
Anamika Sahu
The data center of future will be more agile and nimble built on a more flexible infrastructure based on virtualization, convergence and automation of all layers of data centers to support both traditional IT and newer cloud environments. This will help them deliver services needed to run tomorrow's business. Today, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily; the future will see more burgeoning numbers. These data will be viewed as resource to be mined for insights, innovation, profit and others by companies of the future. Enhanced use of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) will be witnessed in the futuristic data centers. This requires data centers to change the perception and method of storing, governing and managing data. While several data centers are still struggling to eliminate the silos, CtrlS has emerged as the 'Futuristic Data Center' that encompasses all the features needed to be called so.

Bridging the Silos

While the volume of data generated will keep mountaineering each day, it has become crucial for organizations to maintain and assure the accuracy and consistency of these data over its entire life-cycle. In a world where data is precious and data integrity is critical, data security becomes non-negotiable. The austerity drive to secure data today is driven by several data centers who promise scorching solutions but many-a-times lead to a crippling situation for clients. On one end, these services cost phenomenally and cut the pockets of the client; on the flip side, low prices may surely play hide & seek with the safety of data. Thus, we can easily find companies putting their data in various different data centers, ultimately leading to surmounting cost which eventually can paralyze an organization.

While organizations, especially large in sizes, were outsourcing their IT to a data center to gain enhanced efficiencies in operations, increase uptime, decrease cost and eliminate CAPEX, there seemed huge silos between the performance and the cost. But this became viable only during past 6-7 years with enhanced broadband penetration, fiber rollouts and the rise of 3G and 4G. At the time when data center players like Exodus and Equinix had all the big names of the industry as their clients, CtrlS emerged as the pioneer in the world for Tier IV data center to address the price gap while offering equivalent performance similar to Tier II and III data centers. Every bit of the organization clearly defines it as a true leader in the space. The company was built in 2007 for hosting enterprise applications primarily, hence differentiating their DNA from other traditional data centers. The organization has been built right from the scratch for large scale enterprises like banks, telecom companies including several others. Nonetheless, the company has over 2000 mid and small happy customers as well.

The Asia's largest Tier IV Certified Data Center has expertise in the areas of Data Center Management, Co-Location, Disaster Recovery, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Hosting, Online Backup and Cloud Services. The company has the capabilities to provide a complete suite of offerings from platform level services which include data center infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers. Thus, CtrlS has become the preferred choice for young entrepreneurs whose Cloud software needs secure, continual hosting.

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