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Brillio: The New Know How in Technology

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Anamika Sahu
The Brillio team has a single minded mission to be the co-innovation partner for customers, focused on deploying the new know how in technology to help each customer.

Raj Mamodia, CEO of Collabera, and now Brillio, joined Collabera in early 2013 with the objective of accelerating the company's growth. At the time, Collabera operated two separate and distinct business units - Professional Services (IT Staffing & Recruiting) and IT Solutions (Consulting & IT Services). Both businesses were operating profitably under the Collabera umbrella, but with different business models and commercial constructs based on the type of business engaged in with customers.

In 2013, the IT Solutions wing of Collabera reached the significant $100 million mark. In a strategic move, Collabera spun off its IT Solutions arm into a different entity to achieve more focused client engagement and growth. The strategy to create Brillio and separate from Collabera was based on two primary factors - the growth goals of the business and the external market forces. Upon careful evaluation, the decision was made by Raj Mamodia and Collabera Co-Founder & Chairman, Hiten Patel, to separate the two companies in order to position them each for aggressive growth.

"By separating, each business can focus on its core strength and create a clear brand positioning amongst customers and in the market. One of the most important reasons for this spin off was to create a truly innovative company which has the freedom and right environment to innovate. This means exploring new opportunities, failing safely and constantly looking for what is ahead," asserts Raj Mamodia, CEO, Brillio.

The company is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey with offices in Bangalore, Silicon Valley and London. Brillio is powered by over 2000 brilliant minds and a strong leadership team that beholds the legacy of over two decades of serving clients globally. The response has been overwhelmingly positive as Brillio has begun to externally roll out its message in the market.

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