Hybrid Cloud to Become a Basic Necessity for Enterprises in the Near Future

Vinothini Raju
Founder & CEO-Bluemeric Technologies
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Vinothini Raju
Cloud, one the most exciting and influential concept in today's IT space is not just a mere occurrence in one or two countries; but it's religiously being accepted in almost all developed and emerging economies across the world.In a developing country like India where e-Commerce and 4G services are picking up, Cloud technologyis bound to have a large impact on the country's economy. The enterprises attempting to enter the cloud arena should focus on taking accounting, documentation, backup and digital TV offerings on Cloud to leverage cloud to fuel their revenue engine, while building a channel that connects cloud with end-user, which is the need of the hour. India lags behind developed countries when it comes to BYOD as well as the awareness and consumerization of the cloud technology. For all these, the basic foundation is the Cloud adoption through quoting service providers. This would give us high speed internet connectivity and enterprise data. Optimistically, BSNL has already teamed up with Dimension Data to offer Cloud services called OneCloud. If the gap between the awareness and consumerization of Cloud technology is bridged, Cloudwill achieve great heights In India.

Secure the Cloud-Centric World
Thecomplexity ensued by the multi-tenancy of cloud bringsin the challenge of protecting user data information. A Cloud service provider has to ensure that they are compliant with PCI DSS (for ensuring that users' credit card information is secure) and HIPAA (for the security of health related information). At the same time, the companies should enforce identity management (authentication via mobile & web login), role-based access mechanism and access management to keep track of the users.

Recent Trends in Cloud
The enterprises are attempting to automate as many processes as they can to accelerate their software delivery. If it is a large enterprise, security becomes a major risk factor. Thus Hybrid Cloud is becoming a norm these days. The three things that are going to gain vast demand are:
Container as a Service: It the bridge between 'Infrastructure as a Service' and 'Platform as a Service' and most importantly it is light weight and portable.
SDN: It is vitalizing and setting a quality of service for the network and will enable us to set the bandwidth provision on Cloud.
Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT): Any device that is connected to the internet becomes a source of data. When we start analyzing these data, this can be helpful in a ways that are beyond imagination.

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