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MeritTrac Services: Offering Suite of Assessments that's Designed Just For You

si Team
Monday, November 23, 2015
si Team
The demand and supply theory perfectly fits the current recruitment business as the demand-supply equation of talent has flipped. Today, organizations have a large pool of candidates to choose from and pick the right candidates. Hiring errors could cost them millions of dollars. The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80 percent of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. This also puts negative impact on a company's morale and productivity. Therefore, there is a need to use methods like assessments as a selection filter in the hiring process.

Companies need more information about a candidate to select him/her for specific job role. Most companies hire for the long term and they need to confirm that candidates have the capability to meet the current demands and adapt to future job roles. But traditional assessments don't address these needs. In order to help such entities, the 15-year old MeritTrac has a large suite of assessments with validated psychometric tests and certifications that are designed to benchmark candidates against the global standards.

"Our suite of tests including the psychometric assessments that are used to assess candidates at the entry level to managerial levels (0-10 years' experience) are designed for the Indian market. Tests built for specific industry/roles, easy to interpret reports and suitable delivery mechanisms make it convenient for organizations to assess candidates wherever they are," asserts Nagendran Sundararajan, Executive Vice President, MeritTrac.

MeritTrac's suit of assessments is designed to assess the job and culture fitment of candidates to specific roles. This service has been helping organizations recruit and maintain right candidates for roles, thereby enhancing their productivity and reducing attrition. The company, with its delivery capability in over 350 cities in India, makes it easy for corporates to attract talent from any corner of the country.

The Kingpin of Assessment
MeritTrac is a pioneer in administering assessments for corporates in India. It is not only one of the first testing & assessment companies in India in the private sector, but is also the first to have popularized concept of computer-based testing in the country. Initially, MeritTrac built its capability by supporting the fast growing IT and ITES sector and later assisted other industries in their effort to select best fit candidates through efficient use of assessments. Anon the company forged its way into other requirements like administering tests for Government jobs and examination support for Universities and Boards. Till date, MeritTrac has supported over 400 customers, manyof them for over a decade.

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