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Technology & Education: A Revolutionary Duo

By Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu Innovations
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
By Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu Innovations
Founded in 2014, Vedantu Innovation is a LIVE online one to one tutoring platform. Strongly believes the education system has a direct impact in the way humans evolve, Vedantu endeavor to generate education more personalized, democratized and affordable.

Alan Curtis Kay - a brilliant polymath and an American computer scientist once says, "Technology is anything that wasn't around when you were born". Whatever lies around and appears to us as plain old stuff was once 'technology'. Similarly to what we consider genuine technology today may not remain the same for the next generation; this is how we keep inventing the future. Education is also among the other sectors which have not remained untouched by the technological advancement. In fact, scholars strongly believe that knowledge transfer is essential in evolution and this can be accelerated multi fold with the help of technology.

Ironically, the one size fits all approach of the conventional & institutionalized education model does not effectively contribute towards knowledge transfer. It does force us to think about the future of learning and teaching. For instance, what about students who cannot access quality teachers due to geographical boundaries, budget constraints and time limitations?; the ones who cannot cope with the pace of others in the class and are hesitant to ask doubts in public Or the institutes that cannot afford to accommodate more students due to lack of infrastructure? Technology is the answer to all these & certain other issues faced by the institutionalized education system is India.

With technology came an array of knowledge transfer tools & methodologies. To name a few - video conferencing, whiteboard, gamification, discussion forums, screen sharing tools and social networks. All these have contributed immensely towards how we acquire & perceive knowledge and transfer the same. The best example of technological penetration in education can be seen in the online education sector, which has gained a huge popularity in recent times. It is technologies like data analytics, content and learning management systems which have enabled knowledge sharers to tailor the ideas according to the recipient. It also allows collecting data effortlessly and track performances and engagement levels between the two.

Online education system is utilizing the technology very effectively and it is for this reason, that the concept of smart classrooms, MOOCs and live online tutoring are gaining substantial acceptance throughout the world. While we see technology revolutionizing and accelerating knowledge transfer, the personalization in education lags behind. It is the need of the hour to amalgamate personalization with technology to bring disruption in education.

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