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ACT: Luring Broadband Aspirations of India through Lightening Fast Speed

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
The sheer lack of congruous infrastructure, instability, poor governance, and local ruffianism have played a major role in inhibiting Indians to mere 1/8th of the speed that the rest of the world enjoys. Yet, with increasing cognizance, better infrastructure and fast-catching market, India is observing a turnaround of events. Through technology upgrade from Copper & Coaxial to FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home), High Speed internet connectivity is not a myth anymore to over 352 million people accessing conventionally.

Yet, without limiting itself to just profiteering, ACT, with acquisition of Beam Fiber, came to existence in 2008 amid a vision of convivial transmutation through in-home entertainment, education, and interactive services. To execute this vision, ACT on-boarded Bala Malladi (CEO), a visionary with decades of experience in consumer relation to steer this company to introduce India to the first ever 10 Mbps plan at just Rs.999/- way back in 2009 when 256-512 kbps bandwidth was still the threshold speed .With Bala's presage about India's changing trend through development in IoT, Smart City, Smart Education, e-Governance, and Smart Healthcare, ACT's Fibernet technology buckled up to provide up to 2-2.5 GBPS speed to each of its subscribers.

Clouting High Speed Broadband
Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT) commenced a humble journey with Cable distribution in 2000. After funding from India Value Fund Advisors, it was rebranded as ACT and by acquiring Beam Cable Systems, it voyaged with a vision to provide incredible speed through improvising the technology platform. ACT's future-proof technology and Bala's apparition transformed this company from just a cable distributor to multi-spectrum operations. In just seven years, he has steered the organization to $155 million revenue and 800,000 customers from just Rs.15 crores and Beam's nearly 25,000 customers, servicing only seven South Indian cities respectively.

While retail consumers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai receive a speed of 100Mbps, Vijayawada, Nellore, Eluru, and Vishakhapatnam receive a top speed of 80Mbps. Albeit most of the ISPs claim to provide the advertised bandwidth speed, in most of the cases, they're unable to provide the exact speed which stimulates grievances amongst customers. Addressing the situation, ACT has inhibited itself to a categorical customer base to provide the exact advertised speed. Amidst constant power issues in most Indian cities, people get perturbed if there is no internet connectivity. Addressing the issue ACT has taken a step forward to provide up to four hours of uninterrupted internet connectivity even if there is no electricity. While coping up with the ecumenical bandwidth, this customer-centric company also offers Digital, Analog and IPTV services in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Along with sufficing retail customer needs, ACT also offers Enterprise leased line connectivity and corporate broadband plans with a top speed of 250Mbps and FUP up to 1TB.

The ACT Way

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