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Wenger & Watson: Nullifying the Agony of Losing a Perfect Candidate

si Team
Monday, November 23, 2015
si Team
Converting a candidate into a reliable employee in today's rough and tumble world is nothing less than a Herculean task. Mushrooming startups are battling for best talents by touting intriguing opportunities via umpteen of job portals and social networking sites. It is incredibly painful to watch an amazing candidate (for whom you had great plans) slip through your fingers, just because your competitor disenchanted him/her with a better counter offer. Fret not, for Wenger & Watson Inc., (W&W) has mastered the art of eliminating such agony with a record-breaking turn around time. Incepted in 2002, the Bangalore headquartered company adeptly applies thirteen years of hard-earned experience to ensure a great quality in terms of conversion ratio, technical screening and quicker turnaround time, which is reflected in over 250 client testimonials.

Impressive Track Record
Owing to its rare blend of sharp business acumen, technology knowledge and domain expertise, the company ensures that the client requisition is fulfilled within a couple of hours, rather than wasting three days. This way, the candidate doesn't lose their rhythm set for the opportunity and client is happy, since it nullifies the uncertainty of the candidate straying from client. Further sweetening the deal is W&W's affordable price model and flexible recruitment model that can be bent to client's wishes. Led by a management team (Harish Kumar, Darshan Godbole, Manju Bharadwaj, CS. Srinivasa Rao, Nitin Rajendran, Vijay Arcot and Nidhi Ravishankar) that comes with right mix of core values, great heart and filled with passion to excel, W&W proficiently builds long lasting business relationships with every stakeholder. Thus far, the company never had to hire a business development manager, since 80 percent of its business is repeat and 70 percent of clients refer them to other clients; not to mention the CXO level candidates who approach W&W to build their organization.

Whenever a resume or candidate is presented from W&W, it is usually taken forward for interview without screening, states a proud Harish Kumar, Founder & Managing Partner, W&W. The company engages in aspirant meeting/long hunt calls/strong engagement from day one. W&W takes pride in Watsonites (as Harish fondly refers his people) immense grasping power, which helps them to understand client's needs faster. Having worked for product development companies since inception, the company can boast of a deep understanding of technology jargons/concepts that saves ample amount of client's time.

Utmost Emphasis on Ethics & Quality
At W&W, ethics and core values (honesty, reliability, commitment toquality, commitment to continuous improvement, passion to excel, equality and most importantly humility) are not empty words, but crucial guidelines pursued devotedly with every internal (employee) and external (candidates & clients) stakeholders. Strong core values are must, skills can be built, asserts Darshan Godbole, CEO, W&W explaining how ethics stands first while hiring. W&W is a family that bonds on movie shows, Zumba classes, cabin decoration, Friday fun activities and team outing amongst others. W&W has initiated numerous customized skill-based training modules for Watsonites at all levels to enhance diverse skills including resume screening, client interaction, and account & people management to name a few. Leveraging its relationship with senior professionals in the industry, the company invites them to impart the skills that would interest Watsonites.

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