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Baryons Software Solutions: The Technology Connoisseur for Your Product Engineering Needs

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Rapid change is a double-edged sword – a threat and an opportunity. This philosophy perfectly describes the state of present businesses, especially software product companies which live by the 'adapt or die' mantra. They witness and solve myriad conundrums on a daily basis, such as constant innovation, product portfolio maintenance, and increasing product development lifecycles, while coming up with ways to deliver cost effective yet quality solutions to their customers. However, for Pranav Kumar - an enthusiast with varied delivery experience, spread across a wide technology spectra, these challenges paved many vividly clear paths of opportunity to help businesses proactively combat these demons in disguise. And thus, Baryons Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd was established in 2007 with the intention of providing the right solution with the right technology to their customers.
Baryons is one of the emerging front runners in the area of software engineering and development, growing confidently at a fast and furious pace to find its place under the sun among the prominent players. It offers a perfect amalgamation of rich technology and domain expertise, earned through multiple successful deliveries involving complex systems integration and diverse technology services expertise that is reflected in their comprehensive portfolio of services.

"We did not want Baryons to be a typical services company. Thus, we gave a solutions mindset to our brainchild. Our undeterred focus of delivering IT services through our continuously optimized and adaptive development processes has made this a reality. The focus is always on engineering and design that goes in building a solution", proclaims Pranav, the Founder & CEO. Through a continuous churn happening via categorization based on growing technology stacks and customer domain and profile, the company endeavors to proffer services to developed markets and solutions to emerging ones.

Keeping People, Processes, and Technology as fundamentals , the service ambit of Baryons covers Application Development, Application Maintenance and Enhancements, Application Migration, Managed Services Model for Production & Engineering Support, Application Re-Engineering/Transformation, and Application Modernization. Having developed platforms for more than a dozen startups, the company takes pride in its Solutions offerings as well, namely Portals & e-Commerce, Media Systems Integration, Web Technologies, Content Management, and is currently investing in Big Data, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, and Digital Media Streaming, making Baryons a truly technology agnostic company.

Operating at a higher end of the spectrum, Baryons leverages the latest game changers of technology like Big Data, BI & Analytics, Mobility, Open Source platforms, and Cloud Computing. The needs of the customer, market conditions, and the ecosystem of potential innovations are paramount in choosing the technology around which the solution is crafted, be it solutions for B2C or B2B businesses. Powered by agile methodologies and secure platforms, the solutions give a competitive edge to its clients in terms of flexibility, performance, and scalability. Reusable frameworks are used that enable shorter time to market, and a robust project management processes allows users to adhere to costs and schedule, hassle-free risk mitigation, and impact management. Further, iterative SCRUM drives the whole process and ensures a continuous change management process.

The Roots of Excellence

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