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Infogain: Global IT Consulting Leader

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
The global IT consulting industry is changing, as enterprises evolve into a more customer-centric role and customer loyalties are more fragmented among smartphones and tablet usage, the cloud and social media platforms. For IT consulting firms to remain competitive, they must invest in a domain-skilled workforce, automation, innovation and quality-driven solutions.

Infogain, a global business and IT consulting leader, provides front-end, business objectives-led, customer-facing technologies, processes and applications that lead to a more efficient and streamlined customer experience for High Tech, Insurance and Retail clients located worldwide.

Established 25 years ago in Silicon Valley, California, by Kapil Nanda, Infogain's reputation for high customer satisfaction rates remains consistent, with several customer relationships over 10 years strong. The company reports a customer retention rate of more than 90 percent over a five-year period. Today, with close to 2,000 employees in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia Pacific; the company services five of the world's largest 50 and 20 of the world's largest 1,000 enterprises. The company's growth continues to surge in the competitive IT market, attracting new investment and growth.

ChrysCapital Invests $63 Million
Infogain has more than doubled its revenue in the last five years and remains one of the fastest growing IT services firms, with growth rates charting 50 percent higher than the industry average. Recently, ChrysCapital, a highly reputed private equity firm, announced an investment of $63 million into the company. The firm chose Infogain because of its demonstrated industry leading growth rates, while building significant differentiation in the domain led IT consulting and new-age, digital service lines. ChrysCapital executives foresee continued expansion at Infogain, due to Infogain's strong leadership, talented employees, and outstanding customer base.

Six weeks after the ChrysCapital investment, Infogain and Blue Star Infotech, Limited (NSE: BLUESTINFO) entered into definitive agreements under which Infogain will acquire Blue Star Infotech's IT operations. The acquisition will expand Infogain's digital transformation offerings, particularly in the areas of cloud, mobility, SAP and analytics; adding specialized capabilities in the travel/hospitality, high-tech and healthcare verticals.

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