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CMS IT Services: Contriving Backbone of IT Companies through End-to-End Infrastructure Solutions

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
The dynamic IT industry goes through a constant shift like tectonic plates. With flooding upgrades coming in everyday, IT companies technology platforms need to be future-proof. From on-premise, CAPEX to Cloud & OPEX, the unvarying upgrades in this market shadow the growth and more often than not push the companies that are not capable of transforming everyday to demise. While evolving IT industry goes through these constant changes, IT infrastructure companies align the IT platform with business goals for IT companies, making them adaptable for future upgrades.

Identifying this dire need of invariable updates, CMS IT came to existence in 2014 after its demerge from CMS Infosystems as a separate entity and emerged as the most disruptive and reliable services partner for Cloud and Information Security services provider. Currently, the company delivers value from disruptive themes of today Hyperconvergence, Cloud Provisioning & Management, Security Operations Control and Data Visualization, thus helping clients to tame the hype cycle and make these technologies real, relevant and valuable to their use case scenarios.

Availing Infrastructure Support
CMS IT's proven expertise in IT sanctions it to provide IT Infrastructure Management Services, Product Support Services, Professional System Integration Services, and Information Technology Support Services for Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Services industries, Enterprise IT, Government and Healthcare Manufacturing, and eventually avails clients to revise infrastructure performance, provide high-quality service, utilize agile technology, reduce TCO & costs, and increase flexibility.

Thandava Murthy (Tandy), Chief Delivery Officer, CMS IT explicates, We have decided to focus on emerging technologies & solutions. Our primaryfocus is on such evolving technologies like Cloud, Predictive Support Services or any other technologies which will make a difference as it is new for everybody. While gripping on emerging services & technologies, CMS IT has structured itself to get the right focus. Complying with clients requisites, CMS IT also provides resources, along with availing TIS (Technology Infrastructure Services) which is primarily focused on system integration, Availability Support Services (ASS) which is a product support service, and Enterprise Application Services.

While working rigorously on automation in IT Services, this company ascertains a better customer-experience through dynamic innovation on providing solutions to customers challenges along with offering a service platform that provides customized support for event management and other product-support services. By ensuring first time right assuring minimal business disruption through reducing rework cost, and analytics based delivery collate and critically analyze data to obtain intelligence, proactive management and fix what could go wrong instead of what is wrong, CMS IT assures customers of a smooth business process and eventually develop a long standing bond with customers.

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