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Droom: Cementing the Auto Realm with Trust & Transparency

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
"I love cars. Even if you ask me to buy it blindfolded, I would do it"- said no man ever. How high your passion towards automobiles be, you would beat your brains out in buying a perfect vehicle with no defects in it. But is the perfect vehicle you buy from an unknown vendor really perfect? It is proclaimed that consumers in the U.S. lose over $30 billion each year owing to car buying scams, many of which are easily avoidable. Imagine India, where people are not only succumbed to the unreasonably priced automobiles, but also are often anxious about the hidden complications, which raise their ugly head eventually. Thus, rather getting caught in the web of deceit and falling prey to the overpowering -"buyer's remorse" senses, it is indeed a better way to partner with those trusted platforms which not only deliver quality services, but also cater the deficit of trust and pricing. Having embodied these aforementioned qualities in its core is a unique company Droom Technology Pvt. Ltd. Touted to be India's first online marketplace to buy and sell new and used automobiles and automobile services, Droom is the contrivance of active angel investors and entrepreneurs - Sandeep Aggarwal and Rishab Malik. The year-old company sits pretty by filling the void with transparency, trust and pricing advantages, thus leveraging a true disruptive 21st century experience in buying and selling automobiles.

Securing Vehicles against the Demons-in-Disguise

At Droom, each and every detail of a vehicle is treated with utmost perfection. Here, comprehensive and detailed auto inspection informs the buyers about a vehicle's actual condition, history, and cost, while car care & detailing looks after the extensive cleaning and detailing of a car's interior and exterior. Auto warranty plan of the company alleviates overhead spends on unforeseen maintenance costs. Moving beyond the limited boundaries of online classifieds or online auto discovery platforms, Droom also hands out a wide range of service programs under its Road Assistance catalog and it owns 24X7 pan India coverage.

The Droom Full Circle Trust Program

Droom's proprietary algorithm named Full Circle Trust Program backs the buyers and sellers in shielding their decision against the possible risks. People are ensured about the reliability of the transaction enablers who are rated, reviewed and forced to disclose more information about their vehicles through Seller Declaration forms. With fixed price, best offer and auction as its idiosyncratic attributes, the platform has also given options of Commitment Fee which is fully refundable and covered under Droom Buyer Protection policies, in which the buyer can book his preferred option amongst the 13 clearly detailed listed categories of automobiles by paying two percent of the final selling price, while the remaining 98 percent marks the closing of the transaction. However, the refund or the cancellation solely depends on the company's Dispute Resolution team which will provide a final decision after a deep scrutiny of scenarios that led to the situation. In addition, Droom also offers Droom Inspection Report on the vehicles.

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