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Legasis Support Services: Winning Clients' Confidence with the Right Fusion of IT & Law

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is currently an oft repeated word in the corporate sector internationally. Legal and Regulatory compliance has become increasingly dynamic and complex in India too, as it is in the rest of the developed world. Given the increasing cost of compliance, multinational companies are seeking economical and effective legal solutions and appropriate vendor/supplier options to deal with regulatory pressures on compliance. In today's hyper-digital world, legal support services, which is a cross border service offering embracing IT and high end legal knowledge, can potentially enable the assistance needed by corporates worldwide in dealing with the ever evolving complex GRC requirements. Legasis Services, a high-end IT enabled Legal Support Services Firm, has been leveraging this opportunity with the right blend of profound knowledge in IT & law.

The company made rapid strides in the Compliance solutions market with a lowbrow and grounds-up solutions based approach, where the best possible tailor made solution for adherence to laws and regulations is provided to a client by handholding their executives and stakeholders throughout the process. "We are confident; be it a legal interpretation issue or a technology challenger. We help our clients to proactively comply with other statutory and regulatory compliances rather than reacting to a non-compliance events," says Suhas Tuljapurkar, Founder & Promoter, Legasis Services. As a cherry on top, the company sticks out its neck in case of loss/penalty to a client due to non-compliance, through an innovative financial cover. There can't be any better conviction of its quality of solutions, than this in the GRC arena.

Benchmarking Quality to Global Standards
Despite continual changes in laws and regulations, Legasis endows its clients with confidence and clarity by updating them on a real-time basis with necessary technology tools and information, often even before the law is enacted. Unlike most other solutioning firms that merely escalate the non-compliances post the event, Legasis enables its clients to comply proactively with its technology based solution, which proactively monitors and alerts the appropriate people before the statutory deadline.

The company ensures the bespoke nature of a client's compliance solution by thoroughly researching the applicable laws from databases all around the world, with a keen eye on quality of research and due diligence. Every assignment is synchronously given to a Legasis lawyer and a reputed local law firm in the pertinent jurisdiction and the results are cross validated to set quality benchmarks to global standards. Likewise, for intellectual property services, Legasis lawyers perform meticulous primary research, which gets revalidated by a an international lawyer within strictly defined time lines thereby reducing the cost of the services.

The Journey that led to the current legacy of Legasis

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