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NetEnrich: Connecting the Infrastructure Management Dots Seamlessly

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Technology changing at supersonic speeds is a real concern for CIOs and IT Heads. For most of them, their IT departments aren't a strategic partner to business, but mere system administrators, as they fail to comprehend the needs of the business and implement IT accordingly. With the new triangle of forces in the business market — i.e., digitalization, globalization, and new business models, IT departments fail to catch these demands of the business and face tremendous pressure to innovate to the business — starting from how they perform IT infrastructure management to delivering apps. Today, IT departments need to operate IT in a bi-modal IT approach (i.e. managing both traditional IT infrastructure as well as agile IT infrastructure) as the model is here to stay with IT infrastructure management. Organizations that flounder find themselves being swept aside, while "'shadow IT' creeps deeper into the business. This is a problem of titanic proportions, as evidenced by the fact that the Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) market is nearly $200 billion worldwide (and is a big chunk of IT Services market that's approximately $1 trillion worldwide).

IMS has come a long way from being a body based, stodgy and inflexible contract model to heavily technology-enabled, automated, nimble and flexible contract model. Clients look for IMS providers to be thought leaders and bring innovation to their IT, equip their IT teams with bi-modal IT, and enable them to become service providers to their business, rather than simply taking care of their 'mess for less'. NetEnrich (a technology-enabled services company) is a pioneer in this space and enables IT organizations to adapt, transform, and thrive in this new world effectively and efficiently. It provides customers complete control of their infrastructure, reduce risk with it, and reduce costs in managing it while staying agile.

The Transition
The 2004 founded NetEnrich incepted as a developer of products in ITOM (IT Operations Management). But sensing great opportunity in IT Operations Services, it transitioned itself into a provider of IT Operations Services within 18 months.With a keen focus on automation, industrialized services, and bi-modal IT agility, NetEnrich brings substantial automation into its heavily industrialized services using its factory model and shared services, which are made available to customers via a comprehensive service catalog of offerings and delivered to tight SLAs and outcomes. On the other hand, NetEnrich's bi-modal IT, agile cloud and DevOps services enable customers to become more agile and nimble in the creation, production, and management of their applications and infrastructure. This equips NetEnrich to reduce cost by 30-50 percent in IT operations, increase app release speed 3-5x, reduce errors over 50 percent, offer 3-5x better service levels, performance, and high availability of the infrastructure.

Raju Chekuri, the innovative CEO of NetEnrich, says, "Our native technologies and IP include the Enterprise Command Center, IntelliFactory Services Factory Automation and NetEnrich Nerve Center technologies. We also leverage VistaraIT ITOM tools significantly for monitoring, single-pane-of-glass, and ITOM over infrastructure. These are our primary technologies that deliver smooth IT operations, and enable our solutions". Additionally, the company integrates to all popular 3rd party technologies in ITOM and ITSM including ServiceNow, CA, BMC, IBM, HP and several others.

R&D - The Nerve Center

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