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QuisLex: Leading LPO Enabling Clients to Do More with Less

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
I think they're fantastic and the best. The thing to emphasize is that with them there's lots of value added. It's easy to find anyone who can read documents. The importance is in who can engage and plan sensibly, and plan efficiently with excellent quality control. This client quote from Chambers Global, which ranks QuisLex as a leading brand in LPO, is typical of the praise they routinely receive from their clients.

Backed by highly seasoned veterans with Legal, IT, and Six Sigma operations backgrounds, Ram Vasudevan (CEO), Sirisha Gummaregula (COO) and Michel Sahyoun (CTO), QuisLex's success in a highly competitive global market is predicated on their ability to deliver high-value strategically-relevant services. In what was once thought of as a commoditized marketplace, QuisLex has emerged as one of the world's leading LPOs delivering solutions that not only reduce cost, and mitigate risk for law firms and corporates, but enhance quality and allow clients to pursue critical strategic initiatives leveraging QuisLex's advisory and execution capabilities.

QuisLex was founded in 2004 on the idea that legal services can be delivered more effectively with a scalable, repeatable, well-managed process and a mission statement that reads simply: Legal Process Excellence.It is not our goal to be all things to all people, says Ram, But rather to continue our singular focus on the twin concerns of quality and dedication to excellence. By focusing exclusively on these goals, we form true partnerships with our clients and, in doing so, positively impact the practice of law.

The unrelenting focus to quality and excellence has paid off. It has resulted in the long-term relationships with clients that include Am Law 100 and Magic Circle Law Firms, as well as some of the largest corporations and financial services firms in the world. Focusing on the value proposition derived from quality allows QuisLex and its clients to pursue initiatives of increasing scale and complexity in litigation and investigation support, contract lifecycle management, and compliance initiatives.

With corporate legal departments and their outside counsel pressed to continually improve all key metrics (cost, client (internal and external) satisfaction, process effectiveness and revenue growth), QuisLex's innovative alignment of human capital, process discipline, and technological savvy has uniquely positioned the firm for continued relevance and growth.

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