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Indium Software: The Incubator for Software Testing & Automation

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
The software testing landscape is swiftly transforming into a service-driven test management program, leaving behind the conventional TCoE set-up. Another emerging trend in the testing arena is context-driven software testing. While companies are struggling to adapt to these trends, Indium has established its strong footprint in U.S., India & APAC by identifying the challenges within the industry and built robust domain centric QA solutions coupled with industry best practices to offer Business Assurance through Quality Assurance. Indium, being an early bird in the field of software testing, has evolved over the years to offer end-to-end software testing solutions combining its services portfolio with their iAccelerate suite of tools. One of their key USPs is their ability to position their QA services in the context of client needs and offer a well-articulated testing approach to — 'Getting the right product while building it Right' leveraging 'contextual testing'.

The Sachem of Automation - Productized Services
Indium has revolutionized software testing through its IPs, which are based-on best practices delivered over the years to 220+ clients worldwide. The IPs of Indium are branded under an 'iAccelerate' suite of IP frameworks namely iSAFE, iFACT, iMobi, iAVA and iScoute. Indium's proprietary test accelerators plug into every stage of the SDLC to bring in the best-in-class enablers for reducing the TCO and delivering tangible RoI. Ram Sukumar, CEO, Indium explains, "Amidst constant market shift, we're perpetually enhancing our quality to be at par with global QA standards. We're showcasing the frameworks which have long been part of our distribution solutions. We are building more non-linear revenues with these IPs".

Their frameworks for Mobile Testing, Performance, Functional Regression and Compatibility are garnering a lot of interest in the market by firms that are striving to harness the power of cloud and mobility. Indium leverages both Open Source tools such as Selenium, WATIR and commercial implements like HP-UFT/QTP, SilkTest to name a few.
The company partners with leading tool vendors such as Micro Focus and Compuware Gomez to give their clients the added advantage of providing cost effective test automation solutions. With 30 percent steady year-on-year growth, this software testing company has made a name for itself globally.

The Steady Escalation
Amidst worldwide pricing pressure for testing, Indium has capitalized on market share being a nimble player. Ram says, "Since, we are only focused in software testing and we don't have any diversion to what we do, clients savor working with us. We cerebrate client's focus as an advantage. Our productized service gives us an edge. We have seized some prestigious clients in the APAC and U.S competing with 'Tier-1' IT firms. It is purely because we understand that software QA is best delivered when the focus shifts to the context of the ecosystem in which an application or product operates. In my view, pricing plays a negligible role in the sales cycle once the value of the solution is established".

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