November - 2015 - issue > CXO Insights

Missed Call: A New Age Maketing?

Mr. VikramRaichura
Managing Director- Viva Connect
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Mr. VikramRaichura
A: "Have you heard the Union Budget?"
B: "Nopes, I was traveling to my aunt's house. You?"
A: "Yes, I heard it over my phone."
B: "Phone? But you don't have a smartphone, then how?"
A: "I just called a number, and could hear the Live Union Budget over the phone call."
B: "Amazing!"

Such a conversation demonstrates how the mobile marketing world is innovating to enter the lives of people. According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of mobile subscribers by the end of May, 2015 crossed 1 Billion, and is increasing rapidly, encouraging the technocrats and the strategists to devise more creative campaigns to encompass a wider audience.

The last year saw some really innovative trends in the field of mobile marketing, which have truly set a solid foundation for the coming years. While, m-Commerce, m-Banking, Geo-Targeting & Facebook Missed Call Ad Units have bought a huge change in the lifestyle and preferences of urban people by making a lot of things just a tap away from the place of their comfort, products like Mobile Radio and Live Audio Rally Telecast over a phone call has penetrated the Media Dark Areas to work seamlessly on a simple feature phone.

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