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IIC Technologies: Leveraging Decades of Expertise to Offer the Best GIS Solutions

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
The vast territory of earth never ceases to regale us every day. With the boon of technology, our endeavor to unwrap the earth has taken a step forward and has originated an incipient industry — GIS (Geographic Information System). With an ever increasing rate of CAGR 8.19 percent, India is additionally buckling up to challenge the ecumenical GIS market. But amidst the consistent strenuous developments, the terminus results don't suit the users as there is no API to develop in, arduous to utilize relational database, and little or no scope of creativity in developing backend software. Yet, in these astringent conditions of the market, IIC Technologies with its high-quality standards, domain expertise, adroit & experienced manpower, and total consumer commitment transformed the market into an incipient era of GIS solutions.
Incorporated in 1994 in Hyderabad, IIC isthe brainchild of Rajesh Alla (Chairman & MD). Starting with Survey of India and Geological Survey of India as its very first clients, this company forayed further into Indian GIS market and went global with its consummate spectrum of GIS solutions.

The Uncompromising GIS Offerings
A trusted supplier to dozens of mapping and charting clients, IIC assuages the pressure on organization by augmenting and enhancing their capacity and competence. With over two decades of expertise in distributing value integrated and custom solutions, IIC offers solutions and services for the acquisition, management, integration, and dissemination of geospatial data — a gamut of end-to-end geospatial solutions to the Government, Heritage, Infrastructure, Marine, Defense, Transportation, Oil & Gas, and Utility sectors. Through IIC's solutions that include Marine Solutions & Mapping, Terrestrial Solutions & Mapping, Aerial Surveys, Geosurveys, Heritage, and Software (Innovation Centre), the Indian GIS market has received a boost.

IIC's team of professionals with specialized expertise and proven technologies processes hydrographic and topographic survey data utilizing Ship/Boat borne hydrography method while the entire teamwork is covered by quality programs, ISO 9001 compliant quality systems and survey standards of International Hydrographic Organization. "Our experience in conducting topographic surveys and in-chart production for a number of clients such as the NOAA, UKHO, NHS, LINZ, INHO in ocean and estuarine/riverine environments, has given us a construal of the issues and challenges that are encountered in conducting the survey to international standards," explicates Rajesh.

For terrestrial mapping, IIC is a framework contractor with Ordnance Survey GB, the world's most sophisticated mapping agency. Being well versed with Smart City technologies, IIC carries out field surveys utilizing Total Stations, GPS supplementing with other traditional methods, along with successfully executing Resurvey projects under NLRMP Program — covering 10 districts in Gujarat by pristine ground method, 16 Districts in Bihar, and 5 districts in Odisha by utilizing Aerial photos. Pioneering heritage mapping services, IIC offers 3D survey capture methods, and measured survey database that comprises a consummate 3D point cloud of the site to offer comprehensive 3D information immediately after creation of the database and at a later date.

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