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Company of the Year-2015

si Team
Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
New government's 'Digital India' initiative and 'Make in India' movement have not only originated a few successful startups, as well invigorate the subsisting companies that are growing big every day. With China's economic growth has decelerated to just 7.5 percent, India is the next big place for foreign collaboration. In the last one year, India has also discerned an enormous growth in e-Commerce, IoT, Cloud, Analytics, IT Services, Manufacturing, Marketing, Defense & Space programs, and Healthcare. While, the second most populace is young and increasingly connected digitally, top corporate houses have perceived a paramount prospect in Indian economy. With Global assurance of investment and positive approach from the regime, India is striving towards a prosperous business year ahead.

As the year peregrinating to its cessation, the time is impeccable to identify some of the best Indian companies that are leaving a paramount impact on the business world with their innovative approach in their respective industries. We at siliconindia are delectated to present to you 'Company of the Year' issue that will specially feature the companies which have not only grown from scratch but additionally illuminated the path for others to follow. Read on to ken more about the functioning and specialties of these high value organizations that have redefined the business landscape in their industries. A distinguished panel of the industry's topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, including siliconindia's Editorial board scrutinized the list of companies through the entire year and finalized the companies. We congratulate the companies chosen and wish them a effulgent future.
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