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Cnetric Enterprise Solutions: Marking a New Horizon for Retail Enterprises

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
India is on the avenue to become the world's fastest growing e-Commerce market, if existing projections are to go by. This adventurous area is getting apprenticed by able-bodied investment action and accelerated by the availability of high speed, low-cost internet access. The retail industry of the country has witnessed a colossal digital transformation by utilizing the powerful e-Commerce capabilities provided by the likes of Cnetric. However in today's highly-dynamic market, the need for providing a fast rollout is always a stipulation and many solution providers, to the disappointment of clients, require months to craft such highly integrated solutions. This is where Cnetric Enterprise Solutions comes into the picture. Founded in 2003 in Bangalore, the venture delivers Enterprise and Mid-Market commerce solutions at speed by utilizing cloud capabilities, coupled with a streamlined delivery model. This allows retailers to leverage digital channels faster, and achieve a quicker return.

Cnetric offers adaptability in utilizing the technology appropriate for a client's business size, operational complexity, and roadmap. The solutions go beyond the mission-critical front-end and fulfillment applications, and extend to delivering cost-effective operations management. Cnetric recommends the best in accomplishing expertise, accompanying with end-to-end support, training and connected sustainability of enterprise investments.Whether the necessitation is for holistic conceptual decisions and conventional solutions, an online ascendancy arrangement to administer processes, a planning and scheduling apparatus for operations or a tool to accomplish compliance effortlessly, Cnetric is exclusively positioned to accommodate these needs.
The venture's end-to-end solutions in regard to e-Commerce, Business Integration, Business Applications and Product Development, have made the company stand tall against comparable market contenders. The company provides proficient solutions to reputed companies around the world. These solutions ensure the significance that Cnetric hold for the clients, as it empowers their growth and putsclient's success on the top of the priority list.

Universal Commerce Suite &Universal Retail Dashboard A New Uprising of the e-Commerce Industry
Cnetric's Universal Commerce Suite enables retailers to have an online presence that supports their vibrant online business models cost-effectively. Meanwhile, the venture also provides solutions for retailers to merge business analytics with e-Commerce. This allows retailers to influence the purchasing choices of individuals in real-time. The company's Universal Retail Dashboard facilitates large volumes of data to be extracted, combined, and visualized, thereby enhancing the decision making processes of various organizations.
We are positioned as leaders in providing highly flexible e-commerce solutions in the retail space targeting both enterprise and mid market sectors. Key to this is intelligent optimization whether this is real-time placement of relevant add-on products, or automatic assignment to the most cost effective courier for that delivery intelligent use of data is our way of driving differentiated value, asserts Manohar Durai, President & CTO, Cnetric.

Enhancing the solution ecosystem is a key part of Cnetric's strategy to ensure innovation of online services. The company utilizes such ecosystem partners to enable automatic and relevant search optimization, and to provide context based search to enterprises looking to improve conversion rates.

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