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Intense Technologies: Going Hammer & Tongs To Offer Best Enterprise Software Platform

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
Are you a CIO getting sleepless nights? Are increasing agility and reducing time to develop & deploy new applications bringing you to nadir? If so, then look no further than Intense Technologies, a publically traded enterprise software products company. With enterprises taking global route, they are adding new systems to support their business operations. But this leads to storing customer data in various sources making it tough for organizations to get a 360 degree view of their customers. On the flip side, the increasing demand for enterprise software products, especially cloud, social and mobile technologies, have propelled even SMEs to adopt enterprise class software products on SaaS model. But large enterprises are battling with legacy systems wanting to build business agility by unifying silos. Unlike other enterprise software providers whose solutions can break just the tip of the iceberg, 16-year old Intense has emerged as the doyen of the realm through its technology offerings that can provide clients a holistic view of the customer across various lines of businesses without rip or replacing any of their existing systems.

Housing robust data management capabilities, secure user management layer with SSO capability and being cloud compliant with multi-tenants at SaaS maturity Level IV, the company goes hammer & tongs in preparing the best possible platform for the clients. Intense's plug and play platform connects to various data source/systems of a large enterprise to provide a 360 degree view of customer across all lines of businesses that can be assessed by all business stakeholders to achieve organizational goals. Intense's platform is built on semantic grid computing and SOA for horizontal and vertical scalability, which is capable of running on virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

Drilling Down the Iceberg
While enterprise products typically have long selling cycles, which causes delay in realizing revenues at the right time, Intense deploys its solutions on cloud and launches the pay per use model to shorten sales cycles and improve market penetration. The company's UniServe platform helps business become agile by digitalizing their business processes to reduce costs, improve revenues & enhance customer experience, and build competitive advantage by becoming more customers centric. "It is not the game of the big anymore; in the open digital world, the fast will conquer. Being customer centric is not a choice; it is a must for telecom service providers to survive. The question however is how fast you can get there? This determines your competitive advantage," explains C. K. Shastri, Founder & Managing Director, Intense Technologies. Intense's solutions help enterprises to acquire new customers and onboard them at least 50 percent faster than they do now, engage customer through consistent Omni-channel experience, analyze customer interactions and spend patterns to gain insights on customer behavior and deliver world class experience through B2B and B2C self-service portals.

While B2B customers invigorate the revenues significantly, their high-demand attitude becomes a challenge for service providers to deliver consistent experience across multiple touch points as they subscribe to various services and have complex organizational hierarchies. But Intense's UniServe CorpCare puts steel into its clients' network. The product helps services providers to streamline operations across lines of business, analyze big data, create a 360 degree view of customer and empower internal stake holders with right information about the customer at the right time to enhance enterprise customer experience. It further equips clients to analyze, interact, monitor and control their relationship with service providers. Reduced day sales outstanding with enhanced purchase order management, send alerts and notifications to internal and external stakeholders on SLAs and payments, and unify experience by making self-service portal a single customer touch-point for order, inventory and service management are some of the additional perks that UniServe CorpCare offers to some of the world's largest telecom service providers. Solutions built on Intense platform are being used by Fortune 500 clients in over 30 countries across four continents. The company has successfully captured 70 percent telecom market share in South Asia and leaders in Insurance sector. "Our solutions deployment has shown ROI in less than a year time," adds Shastri. This is why Forrester has recognized Intense as the Hot Business Technology Vendors to Watch Out for in 2015.

The Strength Builder

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