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Perpetuuiti: Leading the Way in IT Services Availability & Continuity Management

si Team
Monday, November 23, 2015
si Team
As organizations become increasingly dependent on technology for facilitating their business needs, IT failures can prove quite costly. According to estimates, organizations in the US lose as much as $1.2 trillion from IT failures every year, while the global figure goes up to $6.2 trillion a year. Therefore, it is not surprising that every IT company focuses extensively on the monitoring & recovery of their products. However, the impact of disruption usually extends beyond a single product or service.IT managers need a comprehensive solution to monitor the entire recovery and reporting process, with complete visibility to enable management, compliance and troubleshooting.

The piecemeal solutions available in the market focus only on limited recovery scope and are not able to take care of end-to-end organizational needs in IT Services Continuity & Availability Management. As a result, customers are forced to buy products which are not integrated with one another, thus increasing the touch points. This impacts the manageability, visibility and accountability of products/ solutions/services, further adding to the operational and SMEs' costs. Therefore, organizations are on the lookout for more effective IT services availability and continuity solutions that can minimize their losses and accelerate decision making with reduced RTO.

A Holistic Approach for CIOs and CXOs
Considering the heterogeneity of the IT environment, it is imperative for CIOs to adopt a holistic approach to IT services availability and continuity management. There is a need for a robust end-to-end solution that can integrate all three major elements of an organization - People, Process and Technology. Most of the recovery solutions available in the market don't offer a comprehensive and automated approach that businesses are looking for. Additionally, the traditional focus of Disaster Recovery solutions has been planning for the BIG disaster which completely disables the Primary datacentre, while Perpetuuiti products do allow seamless datacentre fails over, the cumulative loss that companies experience through smaller, less visible day-to-day outages is much larger and more frequent, and more importantly never accounted for. Perpetuuiti is different because it allows enterprises to monitor, measure and quantify the loss (In $ Values) from these 'Silent IT Disasters'.

The Unique Advantages
Perpetuuiti offers some unique advantages to businesses which are as follows:
  • Real-Time visibility of a critical business service and infrastructure that supports this service,
  • Real-Time visibility into the financial impact of a critical business service, unplanned outage or degradation of service,
  • True one-click remediation of the business service through mobile devices,
  • Ability to truly automate your entire Business Continuity Run Book, CXO Dashboard with Real-Time Seamless Information,
  • Management and Automation of Heterogeneous Environment for People, Process and Technology on a Single Platform,
  • Automated Business Services Continuity and Availability Management,
  • Financial Impact Analysis - With What- If analysis,
  • Automated Application Infrastructure Discovery and Interdependency Mapping in Real-time,
  • Agent-less and Script-less products,
  • Cost Optimization through significant reduction in system downtime,
  • Robotic Software Automation that eliminates the need for manual intervention, and human errors,
  • Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning system to deliver end-to-end Interactive solutions to customer organizations

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