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SiE Brains: Engineering IT Staffing through Consistent Technical Expertise

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
There is a huge shift in the business process of organizations as the focus has shifted from sundry activities like hiring to more on core business functionalities. They rather prefer to outsource these sundry tasks to experts, thus infusing new life into the almost sublimed outsourcing business. And if technology is the fuel of the business, then there is usually a no compromise attitude when it comes to sourcing their professional. But most of the staffing companies source people just to get their remuneration undermining the quality required in a categorical role. Here comes, SiE Brains which not only suffices the clients' needs cosseting 3P Framework - People, Partner and Purpose, but also comprehends the desiderata of the right post utilizing an extensive database through rigorous cull process.

The Impeccable Match Maker for IT
Incorporated in 2011 in Bangalore by Sancho Thomas (Founder & CEO) - a seasoned veteran in recruitment, SiE Brains is a division of 'A Gracetec Enterprise'. Taking the opportunity of 37 percent employable graduates in India, this company believes in Consistency - Customer-Journey, Emotional, and Communication through empowering customers. Sancho reminisces, "The new era brought a phenomenon - Customer Empowerment. SiE Brains is situated as the best SME in Client Contentment for Recruitment Services in Professional Services sector. We're kenned for going above and beyond to satiate the customers and our secret ingredient to making customers ecstatic is Consistency. We advocate a unique coalescence of technology and good archaic strenuous exertion hiring process pooled with a sophisticated database to identify prospective and talented aspirants".

Matching people with partners' needs through required skill-set, key role - which the position is expected to play, and the work environment - which should match the candidates' prospect with the company's, SiE always has a win-win situation as based on these criteria, candidates are selected, thus sufficing the aspirations of both. Availing Permanent, Contract, and Payroll staffing, along with Information & Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence Development, System Integration, and CRM & ERP, this elevator for professional prosperity homes a state-of-the-art in-house database which carries multiple skills and experience ranging across sundry domains. SiE's wide range of network across the industry through its specially trained team of resource oriented efficient head hunters distributes the aptitudes that narrow the time-frame of distribution, benefiting both the parties. Sancho integrates, "We believe in partnering with our client and work in collaboration, which helps us understands the partner needs better and serve them better. We're the firm that connects career and professionals together".

Delivering Eminent IT Brains
Amidst great dearth in hiring executive level staffs in India, SiE has been on top with its consistent, timely and quality distribution, which eventually earned it reiterate business from clients and reference to newones. Housing innovation that benefits the partner, and continuous improvement that strives for making day-to-day activities better every day, SiE Brains has emerged as a flat organizational structure that will help the company maintain a vibrant, energetic and incentivized work-culture. Sancho integrates, "Also, our focus is on developing more technical recruiters by training them on sundry technical and soft skills. We withal have a detailed capability building plan for each employee based on their SWOT and skill will analysis, which eventually avails them to outclass in IT-Staffing". Working with the Fortune 100 companies, this company has been awarded the 'Best SME in Client Satisfaction for Recruitment Services' by Karnataka Small and Medium Business Owners Association.

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