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Attune: Marrying Healthcare & Technology for Human Amelioration

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
Healthcare IT market is witnessing newer heights. The wild adoption of healthcare insurance is now availing about Rs.800 crore for the treatment of people below the poverty line; making the financial transaction process too intricate for a human to handle. Beside the increasing private equity investment in healthcare institutions, government's push on adhering to standards is also contributing to the rapid evolution of healthcare ecosystem, not to mention government initiatives such as Digital India which is attempting to automate government institutions. From technology perspective, with ameliorating internet connectivity, cloud is democratizing the availability of high-class software ubiquitously; giving a huge thrust on the fragmented Indian healthcare ecosystem. As the beautiful intersection of these two is creating a phenomenal opportunity in healthcare IT, being the early mover in cloud arena, Attune — a pioneering cloud-based healthcare IT company, is precisely poised to cash this opportunity.

Founded by Arvind Kumar (CEO), Ramakrishnan (COO), Mohanaraj.P (Business Development) and Anand Gnanaraj (Chief Medical Officer) — individuals with a decade of impressive track record in their respective areas, the Singapore headquartered company has not just exploited the benefits of cloud to its fullest, but built acute functional capabilities around it. For instance, the middleware of Attune's flagship product Lab Kernel — Lab Information System (LIS) can connect medical devices onto any healthcare IT platform and perform analytics on top of it. As impressive as that sounds, marrying this unique capability with cloud has empowered the product to manage a whopping 1000 plus hospitals, imaging & diagnostic labs and clinics across 14 countries. Considering that the product market is different in each country, Kernal LIS is being used by over 150 hospitals and government institutions in India, while used mostly by clinic chains in other countries.

Kernel LIS — Integrating Everything
In diagnostics labs industry, samples get collected from multiple places such as hospitals, collection centers and patient's home, which are then sent to processing labs at geographically diverse locations and the results are sent back to recipients. Being on cloud, Lab Kernal (LIS) integrates the operations of all these centers onto a common platform. This scalable, robust and secure LIS radically effectuates the aforementioned tedious process by automating the process of tracking every sample from collection, instructing connected machines about the bunch of tests to be done and archiving it on the cloud in its software.

Surmounting Challenges
On contrary to common perception, security breach is not usually caused by high profile hackers, but mostly due to outsiders who convince insiders to share data. Eliminating this issue makes cloud actually safer than taking on-premise route. Credibly proving this to customers from technology and process stand points helped Attune during sales process. Also certain parts of India suffer with network connectivity issues. Taking up the challenge, Attune has built a product capability which can store the data locally and synchronize it when the net comes up. The company also suggests its customers with unpredictable network connections to keep a backup.

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