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Markelytics Solutions: A Window to the Cost-Effective, Faster & Intelligent Market Research Insights

si Team
Monday, November 23, 2015
si Team
Surfacing of new era domains such as Telecom, Media (Digital) and Insurance are facilitating the Market Research Industry to scale up to fresh statures with speckled analysis of consumer insights. Regardless of deceleration in the past, the estimated Rs.1,000 crore Market Research (MR) Industry is all set to take a gigantic soar. In the recent past, there has been a merger between MR agencies in their degree of functions and data management performances. This makes India the much celebrated destination for MNC-based research agencies since there is unexploited prospective for new consumers with a change to serve the giant populace. The market research methodologies are changing at a rampant pace from conventional data collection to technically advanced devices which can trace accurate status of the matter. With many players in the market research sector in India, Markelytics Solutions Ltd. is a name worth mentioning.

An arm of Cross Marketing, Inc. - a leading marketing research agency & also a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company - Markelytics has been proactively working towards leveraging technology-powered market intelligence since its inception in 2003 and is sitting pretty with the monopoly of being amongst the pioneers in the online market research sector. More than 50 years of collective experience of the founders and their ardor to push the market research industry to reach the mainstream stature have fueled Markelytics to shove aside the fierce competition and reap-in major research professionals and agencies as its clientele in more than 80 countries. With people and technology as its paramount axioms, the company in contrast to the traditional agencies who are the blind worshippers of age-old industry ideologies, ensures a perfect delivery of end-to-end cutting-edge research solutions and best-in-class research techniques.

A Market Research Connoisseur
Climbing into the skin of the customers of a particular target market is not a cake walk, especially if there are no faster and cost-effective, yet quality research insights. As a leading global Market Research firm, Markelytics have been an unbeaten rebuttal to the aforementioned quests. Bound by CASRO/ESOMAR Code of Conduct, its suite of bespoke offerings includes Global Project Management, MR-full service, MR outsourcing solutions, and MR Global Panels, Data Collection, Survey Programming, Data Processing, Analysis and Reporting. The solutions are brought to the fore through its global field resources, Specialty Online Panels, telephones and syndicated reports, while the perfect blend of process and practical acumen add charm to the complete process.

Men behind the Success Feats
With established foothold in five countries and a track record of serving 80+ markets, Markelytics constantly hunts for opportunities to seize the innovations that are born with the dexterity to stir up the market and embeds the same within its work environment. With around more than 300 people in its arsenal, the organization focuses on hiring fresh, yet intelligent minds and empowers them to think differently, which in turn is the stimulus for the unique solutions and the happy clients, as the company believes. Echoing in the similar veins, Jasal Shah, CEO & MD, Markelytics Solutions, explains, "Unlike other companies where there is a custom of textbook learning, we encourage the employees to learn on their own and handle a situation on their own. It enables them to think fast and create something which is unique".

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