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Allied Digital: The Architect of Digital Transformation

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Transaction, Capabilities, Infrastructure, Attitude, Relationship, Trust, and Ethics do these sound familiar? Of course, yes. These are the fundamentals of any business. But what is their importance when it comes to an IT Services business? People may wonder why these very prevalent factors running a business are so consequential. These are paramount as IT Services industry is not only colossal; additionally it is cartelization of services that avail any business to transform. But when these rudimentary ingredients collaborate with each other to provide the best of services to the clients, they are considered as the pillars of a company.

Incorporated in 1984 through the hands of Nitin Shah (Chairman & MD), a visionary, Allied Digital (AD) (BSE: ADSL) believed that these rudimentary ingredients are not just to showcase, but to follow them. With a philosophy of Passion, Teamwork, and Innovation, AD sailed through the prodigious grassland of IT Services. Through delivering comprehensive global contracts with the edge of innovation, cost-efficiency and capabilities to distribute immense digital transformation projects, AD made a mark in the industry.

Providing 360° IT Services Value
An industry leading player had a strategic plan to transform their subsisting IT infrastructure by adopting incipient cloud technology for an amended IT infrastructure uptime, ITSM process implementation, business transformation, improving IT helpdesk and implementing video surveillance. This business was in total dismay in the transformation process. There comes, Allied Digital which transmuted the transformation process architecting data center & DR hosting Services, Migration & Hosting Services, Modernization & optimization, Re-badge of internal client SMEs, 24X7 Remote Infrastructure Management, Cloud enabled 24X7 service desk support, and Real Time Reporting Portal. In the process, AD not only reduced the cost by 34 percent, withal amended first call resolution up to 70 percent through transforming CAPEX to OPEX. Also, it increased RPOs and RTOs along with access to insightful reports and analytics through tier-4 data center, thus resulting in ameliorated critical decision making, IT infrastructure and ITSM process implementation.

Yet, this is not just a single instance for this company. Over the years, its Enterprise Management Services, Safe/Smart City Solutions, Digital Business Solutions, Retail IT Management solutions and its flagship offering End User Experience, have distributed 360 value of IT, utilizing benchmarked global service desk, global field support, remote device management, mobility, analytics, and virtual workspace solutions.

Amid massive opportunities in terms of digital India initiative and e-Governance, industry will opt for digital infrastructure, service automation which will avail transforming cities to Safe and Smart. Paresh explicates, As digitization aggressively grows, so will challenges in compliance, risk management bringing massive opportunities in security. Solutions for business transformation to fortify e-Commerce, mobility, analytics and cloud will be inevitable.

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