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NALSOFT: Dedicated Strategy Partner with Proven Roadmap that Ensures Your Success

si Team
Monday, November 23, 2015
si Team
Oracle having transformed into a cloud solution has flowered the paths of Cloud ERP & Cloud enterprise performance application providers to a victorious future, as it has opened up the avenues for SMEs as well. However, the success rate of ERP implementation is near to the ground, mainly due to lack of organization's emphasis on clients' project which is usually left with the bottom level resources. Amidst them, NALSOFT, a well-focused & proven Oracle Applications Implementation company, has been maintaining an astonishing track record of 100 percent successful implementations owing to its unique culture where the entire organization from top most management to junior associate concentrates and partakes on client's project. V.S. Nalluri (Founder & CEO) confers the credit to NALSOFT's reliable workforce, most of whom have been with the company for over a decade. "It always comes down to the knowledge of individual resources. We have created splendid resources with profound technical and domain expertise and most importantly,we have being able to retain that knowledge. Not even a single project has failed in our hands in the last 15 years," says a proud Nalluri.

Field Proven Methodologies
Having offshore development center in Hyderabad and Head Office in Dubai, NALSOFT's remote delivery model enables clients to maintain complex Oracle-based environments on a reduced budget. Nalsoft has developed plenty of custom industry-specific extensions to meet client's niche requirements. NALSOFT's field-proven methodology facilitates its clients to exploit both the standard and add-on Oracle functionalities to fulfil business requirements with clear focus on knowledge transfer and process simplification.

Beside its transparent pricing and delivery models, being early adopters of technology is yet another component aiding the company to obtain competitive advantage in the market. As soon as Oracle releases a technology, NALSOFT steps in as the first comer, gains knowledge& experience in it and demonstrates that effectively to customers to win their confidence. For example, with its Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, HCM & EPM, the company has already developed and deployed multiple custom built-ins into Oracle's Platform as a Service integrating SaaS.

With its Oracle e-Business Suite Implementations & Upgrades service, it covers a wide spectrum of Oracle ERP services encompassing financials, manufacturing, supply chain, HRMS and enterprise asset maintenance among others. This Oracle platinum partner with exclusive focus on Oracle Applications has unsurprisingly developed the competency required for proper applications setup and data migration from legacy systems. These skills are wrapped into its Oracle's Application Implementation Methodology (AIM), which is a proven roadmap for ensuring success. NALSOFT has ensured proper methodologies, resources, trainings and recruitment mechanism within the organization with a particular strategy at each level. For instance, its screening process nullifies the risk of attrition in the very beginning by filtering people who value IT knowledge and real experience, rather than running behind brand names.

As Committed as Family

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