Challenge Yourself to Transform the World

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Nothing seems more intriguing than challenging yourself; something that keeps you awake at night, something that makes you forget hunger and pain. And what's better than Entrepreneurship. Today we see companies disrupting areas that were unheard of sometimes back. Whether it is hotel booking, room renting, grocery purchasing, doctor appointment, defense, education or others, the way we looked at things have profoundly changed. This change has given the much needed push to global entrepreneurship and several companies have mushroomed to serve the industry in their own way. However, only few of them have emerged as the best players in their individual playing areas, whether new or established.

Technology has made the world a single country. Companies are now pushing their boundaries beyond their origin and spreading across the globe to offer their services to international clients. This means more innovation, more understanding of international clients, more chiseled man power and the 'Never Die' attitude. Saluting this spirit of entrepreneurs, siliconindia brings to you our next edition of 'Company of the Year'. The edition covers the struggle, the innovation, the success & failure stories, and the unique offerings of such companies who have been the element of change in the recent times. We hope that the inspiring tales of these companies will encourage more of us to take the challenge forward and create new milestones.

Apart from this, we bring to you the story of IDC Technologies: Delivering Business Competitiveness through Sheer Customer-Centric Focus' in our cover story. Under the strong leadership of Prateek Gattani, CEO, IDC Technologies, the leading IT Consulting Company is growing heights and creating new records each day.

We promise to continue this legacy and bring to you more such stories each year. Do let us know what you think.

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