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Powerweave: Providing Cost-Effective Marketing Automation and Personalisation through SaaS

si Team
Monday, November 23, 2015
si Team
As human voice and face get superseded with a web or mobile page, the personal touch that is paramount for engaging and retaining customers is lost. Customers become just numbers and price becomes the main consideration in purchase decisions. Against this background, the world of digital personalization has assumed huge significance. 79 percent of companies in the U.S. are moving towards personalizing digital engagements. Understanding customers and their preferences, and then reaching every target customer with relevant content cost-efficiently is the major challenge. Marketing automation has been a blessing for marketing industry.

Companies on this journey face significant problems and frequent failures. The lack of congruous way to integrate diverse data and converting that data into meaningful actions across thousands of customers is not easy. With mushrooming competition online, speed of engagement and differentiation of offering are vital to future growth. Solutions that offer differentiated content at scale and speed are rare and expensive.

Powerweave's suite of solutions addresses this quandary of marketing automation. Powerweave was established in 2002 by serial entrepreneurs Rajesh Patel and Varshal Thakore in Mumbai. Through its marketing transmuting solution eWIZ, Powerweave forayed into marketing automation deploying SaaS based platforms and today serves over 500 customers globally.

Offering a Comprehensive Automation Product
A top 50 suppliers of promotional products and premiums in the U.S. faced the same challenge as so many businesses that are dependent on traditional channels like tradeshows and catalogs. How do you engage and win the omni-channel customer?

The company was in urgent need to cut the cost of traditional engagement demanded by the plethora of resource & time that were going into the processes. With Powerweave's eWIZ multi-channel solution, the supplier was able to seamlessly integrate their print, digital, web and mobile channels, and bring down the cost of marketing operations by 35 percent. Concurrently, they were able to liberate valuable resources and focus on creating greater customer services and experiences.

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