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Acess Meditech: Taking Health Insurance A Notch Higher

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
While most of the industries have reached pinnacle using technology, healthcare, especially health insurance, is yet to break the ice. It is time for them to use flexible technology solutions like data to prepare for the future as the industry has an obligation for society to ensure that every person is able to realize the right to health, especially when the Indian healthcare industry is projected to grow by at least 16 percent from $73.92 billion in 2011 to $280 billion in 2020 as estimated by FICCI in collaboration with KPMG. The use of technology will further reform the health insurance system as more affordable, portable and accessible to all. Health insurance companies across the globe are now scaling up their analytical capabilities to be in a better position to use data in a more connected way, drawing meaningful insights at virtually every stage of the insurance life cycle, from customer targeting to product design and pricing, underwriting, claims and reporting.

But the key challenge for many is to modernize their operations and distribution models to adapt to the rising business and consumer expectations of digital, mobile and internet interactions, particularly for commercial lines of insurance where intermediaries retain control. On the other hand, Insurers are also challenged to invest in data analytics and modeling capabilities along with Internet and mobile digital sales, distribution and customer services solutions, given an increasingly technologically sophisticated population. Their goal is to empower both businesses and consumers to better shop for insurance, making products more transparent, easier-to-understand and compare. Helping them in these quests is the leading software service provider specialized in Healthcare Insurance Solutions Company Acess Meditech Pvt. Ltd. (AMTPL).

The Exceptional Features

The 2007 founded AMTPL helps revolutionize the approach of many insurance companies resulting in increased profits, decreased administrative and manpower costs with its unique basket of products. The innovative services/products including AMTPLs flagship Toshfa (ERP) acts as an outstanding solution that encompasses features that no other vendor is providing in the international market. The Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) Level 3 Company delivers automated products that meet the Country Specific International Regulatory Compliance and Standards. We stand high with the accolades given for our customer centric services. Toshfa being a flexible, innovative product has an excellent market performance in terms of making the clients as the major market shareholders internationally, says Syed Aijazuddin, Managing Director, AMTPL. The company designs, develops and optimizes in a manner to deliver utmost user flexibility, accountability and scalability.

Toshfa, a web based product developed by the best aggressive, committed and diligent brains of the industry, is a one-stop-solution that connects all the intermediatory channels like the corporates, providers, reinsurers, members, brokers and regulators with utmost usability, data accuracy and availability. This insurance specific solution encompasses features to cater to all the medical insurance management processes that can be used by insurance companies, third party administrators, Health maintenance organizations and managed care organizations. The product is unique in its sophistication yet user-friendliness which is built-in based on the domain experience and with business intelligence applied logics that makes it very rewarding across all regions. Toshfa keeps Insurance companies abreast with the market's technological demands capitalizing to optimize processes, reduce claims fraud and strengthen underwriting, increase collaboration across the enterprise and demonstrate capital adequacy and financial solvency for regulatory compliance purpose.

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