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SysArc: Armed with Arsenals to Conquer BFSI Realm

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him, said Aldous Huxley. This is what Sundar Garg did. He poured in his years of experience working the financial software industry to give birth to his own brain child SysArc. His bundle of experience as management consultant in large IT initiatives and partner's technology management experience in leading U.S. financial software companies planted the entrepreneurial seed in Sundar that led to the formation of SysArc Infomatix Pvt. Ltd. in 1997. Today, the company is nichely focused on the financial industry and armed with a suite of BFSI solutions, which established the company as an undisputed leader in lending automation.

Building the Triumph
Way back in early 1990s when mainframe gave way to departmental, client-server solutions, the writings were on the wall for the eventual outbreak of IT at the hands of the individual users. On the way, IT witnessed a new generation of its use with Internet. But due to lack of foresight of its possible use, no one fathomed its eventual and ubiquitous presence that it holds today. This is when Sundar decided to invest in software development to create internet enabled solutions in his chosen niche of lending when the financial software industry was challenged to keep up with the dynamics of the lending.

In the domestic arena, lenders are faced with sizeable non-performing assets and the average time to process loan applications were too long, denying funds to borrowers when they needed the most thus forcing several borrowers to seek funds from private funders belonging to unorganized sectors. However, with the domestic landscape changing rapidly, borrowers are now calling the shots forcing bankers to go service centric. Financial line of business is pushed to adopt the Point of Sales concept that are prevalent in the consumer industry and bankers are required to go wherever the business is, hence in dire need of dynamic automated tools to reach their goals. The lenders are now challenged to reach out and process loan application at the borrowers location where availability of clean and sustained internet services, especially in the rural areas, are not guaranteed. Thus the natural progression of software applications towards mobility became a necessity. Today, traditional bankers are forced to cope up with creative lending, most of it happens over internet.

SysArc has developed world class banking solutions with its industry strength and experience in the BFSI sector (the management comes with over 120 man-years of SysArc experience). These solutions are primarily focused on effective implementation of business process, cutting down on operating expenses, reducing processing time and increasing customer satisfaction multifold. We don't simply produce software. We craft innovative solutions that allow the customers to outperform their competition, explains Sundar, President & Co-Founder, SysArc.

In pursuit of this, the company has unleashed a generation of solutions akin to LENDperfect (comprehensive system to handle entire suite of lending automation process), FUNDperfect (unique solution for merchant funding business), and several others. While each of these solutions are developed using industry standard technologies and best practices to ensure the data integrity and consistency, the products are developed using Java/J2EE technology and the system is developed considering PCI compliance regulations to protect confidential data. This suite of products can custom fit to different financial institutions.

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