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RouteSms: Relishing Leadership in Messaging Arena with an Early Mover Advantage

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Unsurprisingly, the messaging solutions domain is expected to grow in leaps and bounds at a 400 percent rate; thanks to skyrocketing usage of phones, RBI mandating the acknowledgement of every transaction with SMS and the facility of tracking e-Commerce logistics via messages. As this rise has been paving the way for umpteen of innovations, RouteSms Solutions Limited, a pioneering mobile messaging & voice API company,is standing tall even amongst today's new wave of ingenious players. Being an international company denizing in this field since 2004, this Mumbai headquartered company has chiselled exceptional capacities and technologies that other Indian players can't even dream of.

Even in global podium, RouteSms has carved a stage for itself by providing high-quality, low-cost solutions in faster turnaround time; with awards & recognitions akin to 'GoldenEagle International Award for Prestige & Quality Europe-2010' speaking for it. RouteSms has dedicated a 35 people strong team just for support that helps it to pull off a splendid 30 minutes turnaround time(which typically takes about 2 days). With SMSC, the most reliable enterprise messaging delivery platform built on industry-proven hardware & software, RouteSms can easily deliver 99.9 percent uptime. Being the only GSMA certified company in Asia, this open connectivity solutions provider has connected over 110 operators directly and has hosted SMSC in seven countries thus far.

Inimitable Solutions & Services
Messaging domain is a costly affair that requires operators to host a server, recruit support and achieve 99.99 percent uptime. RouteSms levels the playing field for small A2P SMS operators by offering SMSC as a Service in a revenue sharing model on monthly basis. This cloud-based messaging platform allows any operator to directly offer SMSC messaging services to enterprises/aggregators/resellers without investing a single penny. RouteSms manages their entire messaging infrastructure by hosting its own servers, technical & support teams. The company's SMS Firewall solutions repairs enterprises' revenue leak & enhances their customer's experience by monitoring, controlling & filtering the ample amount of SMSs sent to various destinations based on defined keywords, rules, subscriber identity & location; thus safeguards operators against SMS fraud and spamming.

RouteSms' enterprise messaging solution renders API connectivity to enterprises, where it aggregates their messages (booking alerts or one time password authentications) on its platform using multiple direct connections and communicates them to clients' end users. The company has also pioneered HLR Lookup system that facilitates enterprises to save cost by verifying and weeding out invalid/inexistent mobile numbers from their database. The company's SMS Hubbing solution redefines the international mobile interoperability by implementing hubs to intermediate SMS traffic. RouteSms' dedicated SMSC hosted worldwide helps mobile operators & MVNOs to achieve broad international SMS coverage without managing expensive & complex bi-lateral agreements. The company has recently signed a million dollar deal with BSNL India to terminate their international (UAE, U.K. or Europe) messages via RouteSms' hub. Likewise, with e-Governance, RouteSms' overarching Voice Portal endows farmers with voice-based value added services.

The Inspiring Rise

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