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Celltick: Redefining Mobile Experience & Enabling Mobile Commerce

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Want to turn mobile marketing into a commercial success? Who wouldn't fancy minting the most disruptive technology that is penetrating deep into the life of every human existence in the world! If so, then Celltick – the numero uno of the home screen marketing realm since 15 years, is the only place to be, especially in India where financial services penetrations is low, mobile initiated commerce is the magic sauce and the strategic element that will help economies like ours leapfrog from being under-banked to banked.

Strongly positioned as the catalyst of mobile initiated commerce (MIC) in markets like India, eight out of 10 SIM cards sold every month in the country carries Celltick applet. This facilitates MIC via a variety of means including enabling sales of millions of mobile coupons every month which in turn drives millions of dollars of consumption/sales in brick and mortar merchants across 175 cities and towns in India every day providing location based value for mobile users across the country.

In addition, Celltick is also a global leader in enabling the sales of digital goods & services for mobile operators in over 20 countries for over a decade. The company follows global standards in mobile marketing and promotion in the mobile carrier space. Given the under-banked reality of South Asia region, Celltick as a strategic partner to mobile operators is now helping operators drive adoption of mobile money applications and ease of use via its next generation applet.

The Mystique of Celltick
While adoption and ongoing usage is quite a challenge for MIC, especially in South Asian countries, it is an uphill task for the operators to create simplistic mobile money solution that is easy to adopt, ubiquitous eco-system, use cases that will enable consumer convenience and ongoing value resulting in repeat usage. Regulatory framework, which has been largely addressed in the recent central bank policies in India, is another confront. But as MIC has been a focal area for Celltick, the company has emerged as one of the largest publishers of mobile coupons in the South Asia enabling sales from over three million location based coupons every month.

Celltick has an intimate understanding of the mobile consumer engagement dynamics given its decade long global experience in managing the home screen experience on the mobile phone. The company drives billions of transactions annually globally with more than 150 million active consumers in over 20 countries with their Live Screen product.

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