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Dr. Satheesh & Associates Healthcare Management LLP: Illuminating Dark Paths of Indian Healthcare

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
Healthcare, the rudimentary human right, is perhaps the most neglected affair in India. With poor infrastructure and little to no avail from the government, the scenario is still worse in villages and underprivileged areas. But with exordium of technology and government's welcoming FDI policy, the wheel is tacking - the face of Indian healthcare is transmuting. Yet, it's inhibited to major cities and urban areas. Though people get standard healthcare services in the hospitals in cities, they're to compensate with the cost - patients are capitalized by the doctors who own most of these hospitals through nonessential services in the name of operations, blood-tests, and medication amongst others. Adscititiously, the conventional architecture of a hospital does not efficienize a hospital process. This malpractice of the noble vocation engenders healthcare wastage, thus incrementing the overall cost. But, application of Lean Principles has gone long way in manufacturing industry and the same can efficaciously be applied in healthcare to ably reduce the overall capital expenditure and operational cost up to 40 percent, thus ceasing the defects leading to - rework, over processing, waiting, motion, over production, underused inventory, conveyance, and underused aptitude.

Taking the Torch Forward
Identifying the impacts of lean principles in healthcare, with over 25 years of experience in hospital administration, Dr. Satheesh Ramankutty chartered Dr. Satheesh & Associates Healthcare Management LLP. It works as an expeditor for hospitals that includes - designs, infrastructure, importing equipments, establishing the hospital thoroughly, along with its entire software support, accreditation, and promotion. Through guidance of advanced technology and lean principle, this company takes care of hospital construction in such a way that it reduces waste, consuming less time in conveyance. Dr. Satheesh, Managing Partner explicates, "We're guided by advanced technologies and we're intrigued with providing trainings in future to offer more frugal and quality healthcare. We swivel bottom of the pyramid - genuine essentiality for the healthcare business developing mini-hospital and orchestrating it in such a way that it's made affordable. Our effort is to create ideal talent utilization by bringing technology and bridging both talent and technology with training, along with application of lean that can lower the healthcare costs".
Yet, the transformation is arduous in India as most of the medicos are not tech-savvy and still follow the traditional medical system. Dr. Satheesh integrates, "The older generation is not technologically advanced and there lies the main challenge. Only 25 percent of the medicos above 45 years use computers and the lack of training shows inability to utilize perplexed hospital software". Through establishing different modules for training of the medical staffs, this enterprise provides strategic, structural, financial, operational, and marketing planning facility.

Advancing Healthcare through Technology
To develop advanced technological benefits in hospital setups, this company has recently tied knots with Comaxiam IT Solutions to offer Telemedicine, Hospital software, and RFID systems bringing in tertiary care to secondary care that can preserve a chunk of amount invested in health hazards. Dr. Satheesh coalesces, "Secondary care hospitals with a diminutive bit of investment and ideal technology can provide tertiary care because in this, 80 percent of the patients don't require tertiary care. Our conception is to bring tertiary care to secondary care through advanced technologies".

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