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Saksoft: One-Stop-Shop for All Information Management Needs

si Team
Tuesday, November 24, 2015
si Team
Saksoft, an Information Management specialist, inherited the trait of "take nerve-racking ordeals and beat them" from its founder Aditya Krishna. One such instance follows when one of world's largest financial institutions needed the best-in-class IM (Information Management) solution that can integrate information from 42 different countries that have multiple Card products & currencies, hold & process a 20 million card base and provide MIS within four hours from the time of receipt of the feeds. They needed 24x7 availability of MIS with peel-the-onion features, web-enabled report generation & dissemination and an application system that is scalable, flexible and adaptable for multiple countries. Saksoft took up the challenge. After meticulous study of the existing system functionalities and a series of meetings with diverse business managers and technical teams of the card center, Saksoft designed and developed the solution within six months and played an important role in implementing it across 42 countries. It dramatically reduced the 'wait' for key information and brought standardization across countries. The senior management and business can now wield the power of a lot of key information covering various performance metrics with drill downs across geographies, time and products.

IM Assessment & Strategy Definition
Having unanimously accepted that IMis imperative to stay competitive, organizations today reserve hefty budget towards it. However, puzzled by the advent of numerous disruptive opensource and SaaS IM tools, today's smarter CIOs who scrupulously analyse RoI& TCO, defer the purchase. Being the only company encompassing the complete spectrum of IM services&solutions,Saksoft enables these CIOs to make the right choice based on their requirements and budget through its prominent service - IM Assessment & Strategy Definition. "We explain to the customers what stage in the IM lifecycle are they in, where they need to be and the course of journey they need to pursue to reach the final destination," explains Aditya Krishna, Managing Director, Saksoft.

Unlike larger enterprises having IM services as just another cog in their wheel, Saksoft offers best-in-class services around consultation (IM strategy & roadmap definition), data organization (data cleansing, data quality & data warehousing), visualization (score cards & dash boards) and the analytics layout. Besides developing and implementing IM capabilities, testing, application development and resource augmentation, the company also supports the ongoing use and exploitation of the delivered solution with training and managed services.

Sky is the Limit
At Saksoft, values are not just a poster decorating the wall, but it is something everyone deeply believes in. Keeping customers as its top priority, the company always performs what is right for customers and their business, with an unfaltering eye on strong ethics and high quality. Saksoft also enables shareholders to realize fair return by experimenting with new ideas, making a sound profit and keeping reserves for adverse times. Saksoft respects and recognizes the merits of all of its 750 employees with frequent awards and endows them with a sense of job security, fair compensation and equal opportunity. This has facilitated the company to create a work culture where its people are committed to Saksoft. The company doesn't believe in layers or bureaucracy. Sky is the limit of growth for Saksofters. Focusing on individual employees, part of the organization follows a six month appraisal system, where Saksofters get an opportunity to explore and reach vertical and horizontal growth opportunities. Saksoft invests hefty money, effort and planning on training. For instance, if a trainer is conducting training in Manchester, utilizing Saksoft's Global Training Calendar, any employee interested in that training can login from anywhere to learn that.

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