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VSoft Technologies: Leading the Way by Nimbly Reacting to Market Requirements

si Team
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
si Team
The disruptive intervention of technologies akin to cloud and omni-channel banking has made a massive impact on banking landscape. Digital Wallets introduced in marketplace by independent vendors are depriving the banks of their deposits and transactions. Financial institutions would wither if their business strategies are not amended inline with this new world. While traditional product companies don't have enough nimbleness and agility to serve these institutions, small independent players lack experience and capital.

Renowned for its nimbleness, VSoft Technologies, a leading hi-tech banking products & services company, has been surging ahead of the competition by leveraging 19 years of experience and its ability to change its course according to market's reaction. The Hyderabad-based company provides its products to banks via Cloud or as an outsourced ASP (Application Service Provider) through its data centre VServe. This endows its clients with a competitive advantage, since they can exploit contemporary technologies such as electronic payments, omni-channel banking, check truncation services and cheque imaging solutions without hefty capital investment.

Addressing the Need of the Hour

We provide every piece including products, people, infrastructure, and physical instruments, explains Murthy Veeraghanta, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, VSoft Technologies. By building and maintaining all of its solutions, the company provides scale and consistency to client's strategic growth plan. VSoft predicts the need of the hour and rolls out solutions agilely. For instance, its outsourced check truncation services launched in 2012 alone bestowed the company with 80 banks.

Integrated with mobile & internet banking services, VSoft's omni-channel platform enables banks to offer services via any device without depleting the user experience. Its unique digital wallet service enables banks to keep their deposits, while providing wallet to consumers. Being one of the few to offer image-based cheque and payment processing solutions on a unified platform, VSoft allows people to make transactions electronically from anywhere, even, if it is a cheque.

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