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October-2015  issue
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Author: SI Team
When you first meet self-made millionaire, Pranav Dalal, you are instantly struck by his remarkable humility and passion. The Office Beacon CEO, makes the art of business seem so effortless. Dalal's journey into business and... more>>
Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S.
SI Team
Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S.... more>>
SI Team
In today’s evolving business landscape, the global Food and Water Ecosystem is struggling under the combined pressures... more>>
SI Team
With myriads of technology solutions in the market, it is a challenge for organizations to evaluate and select the most... more>>
SI Team
In today's competitive business environment, along with developing faster and better solutions, companies are seeking for... more>>
SI Team
In this new age of digitization, having an online platform to create persuasive content is the new norm for organizations.... more>>
SI Team
Having learned the impending need for a "one-stop-shop" that meet the IT requirements of small, medium and large enterprises,... more>>
SI Team
As the U.S. healthcare industry smolders under the pressure of high cost of care, enterprises are looking at global sourcing of... more>>
SI Team
In light of the recent surge in data breach incidents, several organizations have begun encrypting their data using algorithms... more>>
SI Team
As the contingent workforce continues to grow, managing this unique population requires innovative thinking and solutions. This... more>>
SI Team
The global aviation industry is growing rapidly. With the advent of technological advancements such as Virtual Reality (VR),... more>>
SI Team
With the advent of new tech-trends such as mobile, Big Data, and IoT, organizations are under immense pressure to reconsider... more>>
SI Team
The world of technology is abuzz with Internet of Things (IoT) resulting in plethora of vendors offering innovative solutions... more>>
SI Team
Of late, several startups have taken the industry by storm and several visionary founders are vying for the promotion of... more>>
SI Team
In the wake of globalization, supply chain activities have expanded due to the robust growth of markets across international... more>>
SI Team
The Human Resources (HR) industry currently has a cross to carry due to the presence of lengthy and opaque processes used for... more>>
SI Team
For long, many organizations and end-users, of products and services, have strived to identify the most reliable sources for... more>>
SI Team
Users are creating and accessing content on mobile devices at amazing pace, expecting more control and access to what they can... more>>
SI Team
As the oil and gas arena moves to unconventional resource areas, industry projects are becoming larger and more complex.... more>>
SI Team
Today, automation of workflow management is the primary driving force for efficiency and accuracy in almost all major processes... more>>
SI Team
With the myriad of complex business challenges that companies face today, the need for comprehensive business consulting... more>>
SI Team
Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as renewable generation, storage, flexible demand, and smart appliances are... more>>
SI Team
With more regulation enforcement and rising cost of healthcare, the various service providers of healthcare industry is... more>>
SI Team
With evolving technology, organizations are producing more information in electronic format, from a variety of different... more>>
SI Team
Organizations are refining their business processes by embracing holistic approaches to accomplish and maintain continuous... more>>
SI Team
It's not unprecedented to excavate antiquities in the modern day. Furthermore, with information revolution sweeping through our... more>>
SI Team
In today's digital world, online marketing presents major challenges for publishers and advertisers alike to boost performance... more>>
SI Team
In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of data centers that have been virtualized. Large numbers of... more>>
SI Team
Sales and marketing departments are working under pressure to generate significant ROI out of their processes. From basic... more>>
SI Team
In the new age of digitization, data privacy is becoming a strict norm for enterprises across verticals. Most of the... more>>
SI Team
If you are a typical hard-working professional, you are wondering how you can possibly grow your savings into real wealth in... more>>
SI Team
Rahul Musunuri's problem-solving trait enables him to remain doggedly in pursuit of logical solutions for his clients'... more>>
SI Team
To keep up with the pace of technology and achieve business goals, organizations are creating a competitive advantage by... more>>
Amon Prasad -Founder and CEO, Network Remedy
Amon Prasad's early days in consulting made him realize the impending requirement for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)... more>>
SI Team
When Joseph Vijayam started Olive Technology in the front patio of his house in 1996, he and his team were driven by a singular... more>>
SI Team
In the enterprise landscape, data inundation and the speed at which relevant information are gathered and disseminated,... more>>
SI Team
With the growing concern towards digitization in this age of internet, security is becoming a norm for the organizations across... more>>
SI Team
With the advent of smartphones, it has become much easier for everyone to stay updated on all grounds. The emergence of these... more>>
SI Team
For various organizations, a common practice has been going on for decades' software developers will craft solutions, and the... more>>
SI Team
During his school days at the Brigham Young University, Vivek Bhaskaran was approached by a market research professor with an... more>>
SI Team
The reason behind the glinting smiles of 4, 50,000 odd students of Gujarat Technical University (GTU), India is Deepak Kant... more>>
SI Team
Since IoT market space exhibits an "inch deep, mile wide phenomenon," which refers to too many market segments each segment... more>>
SI Team
The real estate industry has evolved considerably over the years. From the traditional paper-based business processes to mobile... more>>
SI Team
Purchase decisions in traditional B2B markets are shifting to a more consumer-oriented model. Most of the buying process,... more>>
SI Team
The seeds of what would become SelfScore were planted when Kalpesh Kapadia was denied access to the U.S. credit, which slowed... more>>
Company of the Month
SI Team
Pravin Kumar, President and CEO of AST Corporation of Naperville, Illinois, USA, is enthusiastic about the growth his company... more>>
In My Opinion
Anil Cheriyan -CIO, SunTrust Bank
Big data, social media, mobile, and cloud-CIOs across the globe are grappling with these technologies. Each will have a... more>>
Raghavan Iyer -MD,Accenture -Lead Avanade Global Delivery Network, Avanade, Avanade
For years, the enterprise viewed technology as an enabling tool, distinctly separate from the business. A clear delineation... more>>
Sumit Sadana -EVP, Chief Strategy Officer & GM, Enterprise Solutions, SanDisk Corporation
Flash memory is rapidly overtaking spinning hard disk drives (HDDs) as the storage technology of choice in PCs, notebook... more>>
Satish k. Palvai -Co-Founder and MD, Xactly Corporation
In 1848, the Gold Rush took California by storm. More than 300,000 people made their way to the state for a piece of the... more>>
Ojas Rege -VP Strategy, MobileIron
Earlier this year, MobileIron CTO Suresh Batchu shared his opinion with Silicon India that Business Boundaries are Dead. I'm... more>>
Balraj Suneja -Co-founder, CTO, Head of Products, Tabtor
May 2013, Wilmington NC Alex, a 5th grade student, has received poor grades in Math and fears Math to the extent that he won't... more>>
Brion Schweers -VP - Customer Success, Config Consultants
From the beginning, CRM solutions have been sold on the promise that sales automation would result in increased revenue. With... more>>
Venkat Prasad -Co-Founder & CTO, COO, Culture Machine
Media landscape in the past: In the early 80's in USA and early 90's in India we saw a major shift in video consumption from... more>>
Dinesh Gulati -MD, IIT
In this era of social media and internet, there is a plethora of data to be stored and processed. The data can be from internal... more>>
CEO Insight
Sanjay Sathe
The number of employers who believe that employee retention is a problem has doubled in the last 6 years, putting concern about... more>>
Prabhu Patil -President and CEO, PROLIM Global Corporation
PROLIM is a provider of PLM services including consulting, implementation, training and support ranging from quality management... more>>
Arun Kanchi -CIO, Arista Networks
Software-based network provisioning tools are no longer only used and enjoyed by large-scalecloud operators and service... more>>
Siva Namasivayam
The healthcare industry is witnessing a digital revolution that is being driven, in part, by the need for consumer-oriented... more>>
Irfan A Khan -President and CEO, Bristlecone
Modern day business operations have adorned a dynamic makeup with availability of qualified information and redefined... more>>
Sanjeev Kumar -President & CEO, The Athene Group
Financial Services industry in the US has traditionally been slow to leverage the latest technology trends. However, some of... more>>
Basem Sarandah -Founder & CEO, Nexant
Utilities globally face new challenges far more complex than just traditional operations. Major shifts in consumption,... more>>
Benu Aggarwal -Founder, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc.
The digital marketing landscape is ever evolving with mobile and wearables being the key focus for marketers. With the mobile... more>>
Rajesh Vashist -CEO, SiTime
The semiconductor industry has come a long way over the past three decades. Semiconductors have penetrated every aspect of our... more>>
Tel K Ganesan -President & CEO, Kyyba
Today the technology innovations are advancing at an amazing speed and they are profoundly altering the business landscape. A... more>>
Sameer Penakalapati -CEO and President, Avani Technology Solutions
Cloud and Mobile technologies are disrupting small businesses to compete globally, and sharing the world platform with biggest... more>>
Sumit Nijhawan -CEO & President, Infogix
Why simply drawing conclusions from your data won't cut it.As data continues to grow at explosive rates, are you making sound... more>>
Rajat Mohanty
In his book 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' Nobel Prize winning psychologist, Danny Kahneman, divides our thinking into two... more>>
Kameshwar Eranki -CEO, VajraSoft
As CEO, managing innovations and driving growth is your primary responsibility. But, the critical question is how do you go... more>>
Dhiraj Shah -CEO, Avaap
Most businesses desire growth, whether that's through product development, market expansion or opening new facilities.... more>>
Pravin Kothari
With the typical enterprise consuming 1,100 cloud applications, cloud is the killer app for security. By enabling the... more>>
Abnesh Raina -Founder and CEO, PlumSlice Labs
The evolution of technology especially, Cloud, Mobile, and Social at the same time during the last few years has changed the... more>>
Jaspreet Singh -CEO, Druva Inc
We live in the era of the 'borderless enterprise.' This new enterprise is a fluid and adaptable ecosystem whose resources are... more>>
Anurag Khemka -President and CEO, RightWave
Ever since John Wannamaker's century-old famous quote "Half of the money I spend on advertisement is wasted, the trouble is I... more>>
Puneet Pandit -CEO, Glassbeam
Two business disciplines that are significantly challenging for many companies today are new product development and customer... more>>
Taher Madraswala -President & CEO, Open-Silicon
The biggest challenge the semi-conductor industry faces today is slowing innovation. Although Silicon Valley is full of gifted... more>>
Shekar Raman -CEO, Birdzi
We live in an exciting time. The pace of progress in technology far outstrips the pace at which we are coming up with ideas of... more>>
Ramki Pitchuiyer -Founder & CEO, Paloras
Life of Data The last few decades have been an information revolution while the next few decades will be capitalization of the... more>>
Vijay Garg -CEO, The Principal Consulting
In recent months, SAP has been gaining strong momentum behind their 'Run Simple' strategy, which focuses on a cloudfirst... more>>
Atul Sharan -Co-Founder and CEO, CellMax Life
At least one in two men, and one in three women, will get some form of cancer in their lifetime. Cancer continues to be the... more>>
John Dillon -CEO, Aerospike
I have been in the enterprise technology business over 30 years and believe we are on the cusp of a second Database revolution.... more>>
Anand Gonuguntla -Co-Founder & CEO, Centina Systems, Inc.
It is very evident that Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) is on the rise. Not a day... more>>
Vik Torpunuri -CEO, CentraMed
What if your cell phone could detect cancer cells circulating in your blood or warn you of an imminent heart attack? Ubiquity... more>>
Nagendra Kumar Goel -CEO, GoVivace
Being able to talk to your computer as if it were human has always been considered the ideal computer user experience. Many saw... more>>
Madhu Narasa -CEO and Co-Founder, Snapwiz
Freemium business models giving away one version of a product for free while charging for a more feature- rich version abound... more>>
Prakash Narain -President and CEO, Real Intent
Siliconindia readers keenly understand the opportunities new technologies are bringing to the worlds of design, manufacturing... more>>
Manav Mittal - Founder & CEO, Instart Logic
The adoption of cloud computing is rapidly accelerating due to the benefits of speed, deployment, scalability, elasticity, and... more>>
Vinay Mahadik -Co-Founder & CEO,, Securly
The rise of '1:1' In recent years, schools around the globe have been increasingly adopting 1:1 initiatives, programs in which... more>>
Rajiv Sardana -CEO & Chairman, ACS Group
The digital revolution has picked up tremendously, creating and defining a new ecosystem of connected businesses and connected... more>>
Sameer Mungur -Founder and CEO, Zipscene
Success in the restaurant industry is hard to come by, with six out of every ten restaurants closing within the first three... more>>
Entrepreneur Corner
Naveen Bisht
What are some of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs as they begin their day? How do they keep going every day with that... more>>
Last Word
Raghu Raghavan -CEO, Act-On Softaware
Fifteen, even ten years back, there wasn't much to hope for by way of an executive consensus when it came to purchasing... more>>