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EmpowerMx Scalable Software Suite for Aviation Maintenance
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
The global aviation industry is growing rapidly. With the advent of technological advancements such as Virtual Reality (VR), mobility, and cloud and analytics, aviation maintenance is going through an immense transformation like never before. However, there are certain areas like the air safety, automated maintenance, and technology utilization, where the complexities still prevail. "Simple maintenance and modification of aircraft operations and time-consuming document management often pose as challenges, reducing the operational efficiency of aviation businesses," says Dinakara Nagalla, President and CEO, EmpowerMx. To deal with this challenge, EmpowerMX built software solutions that can simplify the processes, give better visibility, and also help the technicians to carry out the job without leaving any room for errors. In response to the industry trend, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) embraces IT to automate and streamline planning operations, asset and knowledge management.

Since several aviation companies have expanded their fleet of services, abiding to the standards of flight safety is a critical task. On the other hand, the airline firms have delegated the maintenance work to other third party MRO players who are incompetent to meet the ongoing demands of the industry. By deploying solutions' FleetCycle MRO and FleetCycle AERO EmpowerMx empowers operations, organizes MRO functions, and optimizes cost. "Targeted towards third party MRO providers, FleetCycle MRO has kept the maintenance and production efficiency up to the required level in the highly competitive market," says Nagalla. The solution helps in regulating the assets and equipment inventories. Solely focused on repairs and overhaul, the solution is provided in 8-10 different packages that are capable of working independently. "We configure the solution as per customers' choice and help them to meet the required standards instantly."

FleetCycle AERO consequently increases the efficiency of the aviation production. It focuses on the product lifecycle management process of manufacturing of aircrafts at faster rate. "We increase the availability of assets through Fleet AERO as it scrutinizes the entire product cycle without delaying the production," notes Nagalla.

Through their wide range of solutions, EmpowerMX has delivered tremendous amount of support and reduced costs to several clients across the globe. For instance, a third party MRO customer approached EmpowerMX to gain visibility in their entire maintenance operations spread across multiple sites around the globe. Through FleetCycle MRO, EmpowerMX provided clarity in their workflow. Partnering with the client, the company worked in a synchronized manner to increase the production efficiency and maintenance of their aircraft operations. After a certain period of time, the customer realized the change in the overall workflow and also viewed the increased level efficiency among their workers. "We focus on collecting data while the aircraft is in motion and transfer the information to the ground system to understand the complexities involved," adds Nagalla.

Several differentiating factors add to the credibility of EmpowerMX's stable position in aviation segment. "Our team of experts belonging to aircraft maintenance background is solely responsible for our success in this domain. Majority of our focus is towards maintenance and they are well aware of the design and specification of such solutions," shares Nagalla. To mark their success, the firm has expanded its operations across Europe, Middle East and Asia pacific to serve a larger customer base. Through their progress, EmpowerMX is trying to enter into defense segment in the future days to come.
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