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RentalRoost House Search Options on Lifestyle Parameters
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
The real estate industry has evolved considerably over the years. From the traditional paper-based business processes to mobile technology, the real estate business has been impacted upon heavily. The growth of business has made mobile technology the new go-to tool for realtors. Moreover, the absence of predictive analytics makes extracting information from huge datasets problematic. Amid these developments, the need has risen to provide seamless services to clients by processing big data and storing information in the cloud. These recent trends have been incorporated by RentalRoost, the first house and apartment search engine that provides solutions to clients based on lifestyle recommendations. The use of Hadoop for data processing and private cloud storage has lessened the burden of paperwork for tenants and landlords. "We help tenants find the perfect home with all the attributes that match their lifestyle," affirms Nitin Shingate, CEO and Co-Founder, RentalRoost.

As an apartment and house search engine, RentalRoost provides customized search options to clients. The company's Transit Scoreshows users the proximity of the property to public transport and freeways. With the lifestyle-based search criteria, the firm combines the client's preferences with social media data.To understand the client's preferred lifestyle factors, RentalRoost makes use of geo-location scoring algorithms. "These parameters are based on the social profile of clients, which help us suggest property sites based on their preferred lifestyle," affirms Shingate. RentalRoost also provides detailed demographic information about neighbors. "We aim to carve out a niche by helping with neighborhood searches as well as housing searches," says Shingate.The sister site of RentalRoost, Houserie.com, provides a user-friendly, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant, tenant screening service for landlords. The online tenant background check provides comprehensive, safe, and accurate screening reports. "The Tenant Identity Verification is an inexpensive way to crosscheck the information provided by the clients," affirms Shingate. Another feature of the screening process is the Tenant Rental History, which monitors court records for any cases of eviction. Furthermore, the Tenant Credit Check enables secure sharing of the tenant's credit history with landlords without giving them access to bank details. Last but not least, the Criminal Background Checkallows landlords to retrieve information on criminal activity, sex offenses and terrorist activities. Houserie also offers a powerful recommendation tool called the Quick Tenant Scorecard, which helps landlords to quickly and effectively analyze a person's credit, eviction, and criminal history.

RentalRoost helps clients find their perfect property by providing them with property recommendations taking into consideration the clients preferred lifestyle factors based on analyses of their social profile

"We have minimized the paperwork for clients by providing a cloud-platform and have made house hunting easier, less time consuming and based on lifestyle search," reveals Shingate. A key differentiating factor of the company is that it uses information from social profiles of clients to match properties and neighborhoods with their lifestyles.

For the future, RentalRoost is focusing on standardizing the recommendations engine and search criteria. The firm has released a new product that has the capability of detecting the search pattern of any website based on the IP address. "This will help in understanding the lifestyle priorities of non-member clients," concludes Shingate.
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