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December - 2012 issue
Simple Questions It all started with a question—a simple yet profound question that wou... more>>
Jeff Martinez is your average American baby boomer going for his morning jog in Carlsbad. On his ret... more>>
November - 2012 issue
It used to be if you had the best technology, you were successful. But today, everyone’s got the b... more>>
Rules of the Road for the Era of Simplicity, Mobile and
Navin Chaddha - Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
Navin Chaddha, entrepreneur, investor and leader of the Mayfield Fund invests in early-stage IT c... more>>
October - 2012 issue
A person from rural part of southern India and the son of a timber merchant, a dreamer and a doer... more>>
There is a new chip on the block. 2004 saw the foundation of Stoke, a mobile network equipment provi... more>>
September - 2012 issue
This is a story about how a vision is evolving the hospitality segment and enabling hotels and resor... more>>
Leading through Change
Gautam Thakar - CEO, shopping.com
Shopping.com (NASDAQ:SHOP), an eBay company, pioneered online comparison shopping over a decade a... more>>
August - 2012 issue
Despite economic turbulence and tightening client budgets, Optimal Solutions became the largest excl... more>>
Beginning a Successful Entrepreneurial Journey
Ashok Soota - Founder & Executive Chairman , Happiest Minds
Happiest Minds was launched in August, 2011 by Ashok Soota and a team of industry experts, with t... more>>
July - 2012 issue
Business travel can be a pain, especially when it comes to knowing you can and can’t include on... more>>
Low Power to the People!
Vic Kulkarni - General Manager & Senior VP, RTL Business Unit of Apache Design Inc.
Apache acquired Sequence Design in 2009. Prior to the acquisition, Vic served as Sequence's Pres... more>>
June - 2012 issue
A winning story in Network Security
Anamika Sahu & Vishwas Nair
One of the biggest challenges in cyber-security today is how the software in our operating systems a... more>>
Team Eagle Leading High Performance
Rahul Kanodia - Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics
Challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. The trick lies in continuing to flip th... more>>
May - 2012 issue
When Ajith Bhatia sold his startup, he earned a substantial amount in concentrated stock of the acqu... more>>
Managing Change Ability to Agility
R Ramanan - Managing Director & CEO, CMC Ltd
Many organizations which have been around for quite a few years develop great Ability and competenci... more>>
April - 2012 issue
Dinesh C. Paliwal: The Rainmaker It is often said, that change is the only constant but it ... more>>
Turning on a Dime
Tiger Ramesh - CEO, CSS Corp
Many people ask me why I prefer to work with firms that are perhaps not performing at the peak of th... more>>
March - 2012 issue
A leading U.S. coffee manufacturer F. Gaviña&Sons, headquartered in Vernon, California, faced cha... more>>
Changing Role of CEO
S.D. Shibulal - CEO, Infosys
The real change, which I have started to realize, is that the buck stops at me. When you gradually t... more>>
February - 2012 issue
One may often wonder, if there is any single magic formula that one needs to crack to be successful ... more>>
Advice from a Serial EDA Entrepreneur: Find a Need and
Rajeev Madhavan - Chairman and CEO, Magma Design Automation, Inc.
I grew up in Southern India in a very traditional family. My father worked for the Indian Revenue Se... more>>
January - 2012 issue
"An IT product company from India! You got to be kidding me," this would have been the standard resp... more>>
Outstanding Customer Experience, the only Sustainable d
Kaushal Mehta - Founder & CEO, Motif, Inc
The retail industry is witnessing an increased migration of customers from traditional brick and mor... more>>