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InfiCare Technologies Mobility Solutions and Application Development
SI Team
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Users are creating and accessing content on mobile devices at amazing pace, expecting more control and access to what they can self-service and that's making organizations to adapt their business processes and customer interaction to ever changing mobile paradigm. At the forefront of addressing these challenges, InfiCare Technologies provides Mobility Solutions, web solutions and staff augmentation solutions. "InfiCare Technologies specializes in architecting business solutions that work seamlessly with mobile, e-commerce, and enterprise products besides staff augmentation services," says Sumer Mathur, President of InfiCare that he founded in 2001.

InfiCare Technologies' government consulting team focuses on Compliance Software solutions for licensing and inspections. "We take care of technical complexities and provide an easy to manage solution that fits business needs," says Mathur. For commercial clients InfiCare Technologies focus on application development. Mobile applications is a focus area with AppsDNA team of InfiCare. "Our clients consistently love the simple and user intuitive layout of our apps," says Mathur. InfiCare works with customers to understand their requirements and goals. A simple user interface, cross platform functionality and enterprise integration are the major points of demarcation for InfiCare.

InfiCare Technologies is tier-1 vendor with many companies for their direct hire and contract IT staffing needs."Over the years we have built huge repository and perfected the recruitment processes to deliver select well suited candidates to clients. We also have a dedicated headhunting team that focuses on senior leadership positions" says Mathur.

InfiCare's LiveMediaHub is an innovative product that picks a company's PR assets, official social media posts and also scours social media 24x7 to grab public posts related to the organization,its products and services. It constantly regenerates a unique presentation that can be on an HD Displayin lobby, meeting rooms,website and apps. Back-end engine of Live Media Hub streams content to high definition displays and website.

Recently InfiCare consolidated its museums related products and integration services business into MuseumAnywhere(www.MuseumAnywhere.com) division. These products are Museum App, VisitorView App, Intelligent Messaging, E-Membership cards within mobile app, designed for enhancing visitor experience and to build stronger, wider patrons base.Using Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacons, InfiCare's Museum App re-sorts the artifacts view as visitors walk around and delivers relevant multimedia content.

Continuing in the same thread, one of the projects getting ready for delivery is Streaming Collection that allows museums to bring out way more artifacts than they can physically display and gives users the ability to modify the content view based on their interest.This product generates interesting analytics for the client. "I believe, with more and more content being consumed through mobile devices, the world is moving to a user experience model where you select and then sit and watch the results streaming to your device without having to scroll through" says Mathur. InfiCare is also exploringvirtual reality and augmented reality as a future prospect for this division. The company is in the process of actively marketing its software products and application development services in Europe, all the while maintaining its stronghold in the U.S. "Despite being a small business, we are a highly structured and professionally run organization where each business unit is headed independently by a leader who has grown through the ranks," concludes Mathur.
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